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Girl Meets iPad Q&A goddessella style

i recently discovered this iPad-centric blog dedicated for girls where they feature a Q&A post of girls and ther iPad. i want to do the same. so kindly humor me!

. DO YOU OWN THE 1ST GENERATION IPAD OR THE IPAD 2? I used to own the first gen iPad, and i had it when it first came out but I’ve since donated it to my mom. I currently own a white 64G Wifi-only iPad 2.

2. WHAT ARE YOUR 3 FAVORITE/CANT LIVE WITHOUT APPLICATIONS AND WHY? blogsy for ipad, because it lets me post blogs especially in my blogspot makeupblog. i still find in extremely annoying that blogger/blogspot still does not have its own iPad/iPhone app. i also like Flipboard+Instapaper because it lets me view and post on my twitter and facebook accounts and the layout i just amazing, plus i get to read all these interesting sites in magazine format and it allows me to save such articles in instapaper for offline browsing. finally, i use draftpad for free-fall writing that i can use for my manuscript. i’m hoping to get published soon!

3. WHAT KIND OF CASE DO YOU USE TO PROTECT YOUR PAD? i have the pink smart cover that’s always attached in my iPad. i’m still looking for that really good folio-type case but as my search is still futile, i use a purple cheapo neoprine sleeve when i’m just out and about, but if i know imma be doing some hardcore typing/note taking, i have a folio type case for documents with a note pad holder, and card holders. i use the main comartment to store my iPad, smartcover, and portable mini usb-keyboard. i just use the camera connectiion kit to plug in my keyboard.

4. ARE IPADS GOOD FOR FEMALES? as it fits on most purses, yes! but it;s basically for everyone! even my mom who is not so tech savvy enjoys her iPad immensely! i think it’s the perfect gadget for those older generations who get intimidated using a computer or a laptop. now my mom plays text twist on it, check her facebook, show pictures of our family to her friends. i even got her to actively communicate with our relatives abroad via email! something she only used to do via costly overseas calls before!

5. WHAT DO YOU DO MORE OF WITH YOUR IPAD? typing! i basically type away all day with it! i also play a lot of games on it but mostky i type with it so much, handle my schedule with it and use it as a glorified digital photo album! i also skype a lot with it, which is one of the main reasons why i switched to an iPad 2. i also use it as an iPod when my nano lacks juice. i thought i wowuld be reading more ebooks with my iPad, but i still use my Kindle3 for that. i just cant live without the text-to-speech function of kindle!

6. DO YOU FIND YOURSELF USING YOUR IPAD MORE THAN YOUR LAPTOP/DESKTOP? oh definitely! it can handle most of my computing needs, especially on the web!

7. WHAT WAS THE LAST APPLICATION YOU BOUGHT AND WHICH ONE YOU PLAN ON BUYING NEXT? the last application i bought was the Photogene app. i dont photoshop my pics mainly because i dunno how to but with photogene it makes it just a whole lotta easier! i’m eyeing the new Daily Routine iPhone app which is just a colorful calendar but the colors make me salivate anyway! im still thinking about it tho, cuz i already have the Bento app.

8. WHAT DO YOU HAVE AS A WALLPAPER? a photo of my corkboard which i currently use to motivate myself to lose weight. i took it using my iPhone and it’s also my iPhone wallpaper.

9. DO YOU TAKE YOUR IPAD WITH YOU EVERYWHERE OR KEEP IT HOME? oh i never leave home without it! i think i’m already physically attached to it! in my defense, tis because i’m easily bored and the iPad keeps me occuied, especially on long waits.

10. CHANCES ARE AN IPAD 3 WILL COME OUT NEXT YEAR, DO YOU PLAN ON GETTING THAT? if the upgrades are worth it, maybe. but if it aint much different from the one i currently have, i might skip it. i really need to upgrade my macbook. i was supposed to buy a new macbook instead of an iPad2, but iPad2 won over that battle. besides, i’m not ready to let go of Chuck (my macbook)

11. DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A “GEEKY GIRL”? i have a macbook, an iPad2, a kindle3, and iPod nano, video and shuffle (i usually take the shuffle when i run), the beats by dr. dre in studio, solo and tour, an iPhone 3GS, a blackberry, a flip videocam, a sony and a fuji digicam. what do you think? lol.

12. WHAT WEBSITE DO YOU VISIT MOST ON YOUR IPAD? a lot. but basically i visit, and (shameless plug, i know!)


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