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August Flavor of the Month: Nick Carter

Let me resurrect my flavor of the month thing that i used to do in my old blog. it’s just fun!

My August flavor of the month and the first one in this blog is Nick Carter. i think he deserves to be the first one here since he was my ultimate crush during my pre-teen and teenage years. i dont even know why i’ve never featured him in my old blog before but lemme do it now.


nick carter shirtless


he’s gotten yummier and yummier over the years, if i say so myself. lol 😀 i cant speak for his musicality tho. i have his now or never album but i just dont get rock music that much. i loved him on backstreetboys any day tho!


i dunno what is it about the blonde locks and blue eyes, but when i was younger i used to fall deep and hard for that sort of look. it evolved now tho, but nick still remains my hunky favorite!

all photos stolen off of google images. 😀


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One thought on “August Flavor of the Month: Nick Carter

  1. Hiren khatri on said:

    i am NICK…..

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