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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 01

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

fact #1
I am a gadget freak.
I am always on the lookout for new and exciting gadgets. I am also a mac fan girl but i love non-mac related gadgets such as my kindle and my blackberry too! That doesnt mean my iPhone and iPad does not get the same love as much as the kindle and the blackberry. I just love gadgets in general. 🙂

Fact #2
i have prophetic dreams.
Yes. It may seem weird sometimes but i do have them. There was a time a kept dreaming of a great white shark chasing me and when i looked it up, dreaming about sharks meant that there was a friend who is or is about to betray you. I kept dreaming about it until i cut ties with one friend in particular and it turned out that that friend was betraying me. I stopped having dreams about the great white shark about the same time i stopped seeing that so-called friend.

Fact #3
my time keeping is atrocious but i hate waiting.
Weird huh?! I’m always late for events and such but i absolutely hate waiting around. The thing is, if i know that the main purpose for a meet up is for me to be there, i am there at the specified time. But if it’s for a party or an event that my presence is not absolutely vital, then im late.

Fact #4
I love makeup!
I love it so much that i have an entire blog dedicated to it! Go check it out:

Fact #5
the travel bug has bit me bad.
I love traveling. Who doesnt, right?! But my family has placed a high premium on traveling so they support me one hundred percent in this very expensive hobby. I make it a point to visit a country or two every year and i have done so since 2004.

Fact #6
i love massages!
I make it a point to get a massage at least once a month, just to de-stress and unwind. Lawschool is one of the most stressful pursuits, in my opinion and we just find ways to cope with it. In my case it’s massages.

Fact #7
i grew up in a hospital.
Not only because i was once a sickly kid but because my aunt actually owns a hospital! You name an antibiotic or vitamin that was available during the 80s and the 90s, i am sure to have gobbled it up because there are sure to be samples given away freely by the medical representatives in our hospital.

Fact #8
i can live on one type of food for months on end!
If i liked something, i will eat it for lunch and dinner for months and months without getting tired of it!

Fact #9
Pink is not my favorite color!
Seriously. My favorite color is green but i really love getting pink stuff. I just find it more feminine and girly. 🙂

Fact #10
I am a bookworm
My cousins call me the nerd cuz my nose is always burried in a book. But i just love getting lost in an author’s world! I love finding out about the beauty of one place and then vowing to visit it one day to see for myself if it really is as beautiful in person as it is in the novels.

Fact #11
My dearest ambition is to get published.
My laptop and now, iPad is teeming with half-started manuscripts that are just begging to be submitted. I even have an editor and a publisher that’s just waiting for my sooper awesome manuscript. Lol

Fact #12
it takes me a while to like new songs
It peeves off my cousin that all the songs in my iPod are old, well, old in the opinion of a 17-year-old music freak anyway. Lol

fact #13
i have a triskaidekaphobia
Either that or i just really have an intense dislike for the number 13.

Fact #14
i was born in the wrong era.
I truly believe that i was born in the wrong era. I love all things classic and vintage.

Fact # 15
i love old films.
I could just sit all day watching old dvds and i wpuld never get tired of it.


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