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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 02

Day 02- A picture of something you cannot live without

Right now, it is my kindle. I guess the truth is i cant live without books. I just love reading, and i’ve read and re-read my favorites hundreds of times!

Having a kindle is good for me because not only do i not buy physical books anymore, i get to bring most of my library with me anywhere. I say most because the kindle only has 4gig of non-expandable memory and i already have over 12gig’s worth of ebooks! Lol!

The kindle is not just useful for my fictions, but thanks to calibre, i get to have my morning paper and other select reading materials such as The New Yorker delivered in my device every time a new issue comes out. 🙂

The kindle is also very handy for my lawschool. Although it sucks that i cannot find law-school related books, especially about Philippine laws, i get to put in my codal provisions and cases into the kindle and just bring those instead of rims upon rims of wasted bond paper. The kindle’s text-to-speech function is also handy, especially when i’m rushing to memorize a provision.

Can you already tell that i love my kindle?


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