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New Gadget Lust: BB Torch

Started my crackberry love affair early 2010. (valentines of 2010, to be exact) scoring a BB curve 8520. And even tho i’ve been a mac fangirl for so long, i was not entirely sold to the iPhone’s touch screen (i am well adjusted now, owning both the pad and the phone) but i still actually prefer the physical qwerty keys.

I may have started my fling with the bb earlier than 2010, as i’ve been more than acquainted with it during my stint in hong kong as that was the fone my aunt generously supplied me with, (circa 2005, i think) but it was the old school one, with the dial at its side and honestly my thumb was sore before the day was up! Lol

Now, i have no complaints with my current serviceable bb, my bb who has served me quite loyally and faithfully since day one, even butting out of battery at the most convenient of times! Lol! But thething is, i am rough with my toys and my bb simply cannot keep up with me already! And i only use it for the average call,text, tweet and email. I still prefer to do my calendar, notes, and gaming needs with my iPhone and iPad. Now, my beloved bb is dilapidated, to say the least and i am in the market for a new one. While i am more than adjusted to the touchscreen, i do still prefer physical keys, preferably qwerty too and i will love nothing more than to own a touch + physical keys device!

Enter the blackberry torch!

Beautiful, isnt she?
The slider is a welcome change from the normal candy-bar form that i have been using for the last several years (the last time i deviated was when i owned the Nokia N97 sometime in 2006) and while it still doesnt support flash, i’m not too bothered with it as im quite used with my plethora of mac gafgets without the flash. Having a LED flash on the other hadn will be a welcome change as i have been suffering under both the curve and the iPhone 3gs’ lack of it.

Yes, im salivating heavily over it but imma wait for the new iphone before i make my decision. But it looks like imma choose the torch.


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