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September Flavor of the Month: Paul Child

Paul Child as played by Stanley Tucci in the movie Julie and Julia.

I just find it really sexy how Paul Child stood by his wife Julia in the movie (which is based on real people and off of Julia Child’s memoirs)

Paul’s wife had such a strong personality that most weak men would resent it or feel emasculated but not Paul. He loved his wife so much to support her through hat making and cooking lessons!

It is also incredible how much in love and in awe he is with his wife that he had no qualms about putting it into words and letteres to his comrades!

He was so supportive of julia that he paid her cordon blue lessons, built her a special kitchen counter top to accommodate her formidable height, took photographs for her cookbook, and basically just let her shine in her career at an era where women were not expected to work and have a career.

I especially loved how much he seemed to love her despite her shortcomings. (julia didnt even know how to boil an egg when they were newly married and He supported her despite her infertility.

He was also happy to live in his wife’s shadow even though he was quite a somebody himself. He’s a diplomat, apoet an artistic soul who taught art and philosophy in universities, and even a judo belter! He’s getting dreamier and dreamier in my book!


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