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thoughts on the new kindle

so there have been new kindles that went out last month. i meant to blog about it sooner but i’ve been busy.

the new kindle family

at first glance i was a little disappointed because i paid much more for my kindle3 (now called the kindle keyboard) when it came out last year, was one of the firsts to get it because i pre-ordered. i was one of the first ones to own a kindle3, not just here in the philippines but all over the world.

and now, barely a year after owning it, here comes a cheaper and seemingly better brood. i was disappointed. i shouldve waited.

but then again, it got me thinking, i was able to enjoy it for a lot longer than those who would be ordering just now, and you couldn’t put a price on how useful it was and still is to me.

also, the kindles now only has 2gig’s worth of unexpandable memory whereas my 1-year old kindle has 4gig’s worth so i made my peace with it quite quickly

now if you’re in the market for a new kindle, might i suggest getting the kindle touch? for 99usd, it has the most bang for the buck. only 20 dollars more than the normal kindle (roughky a thousand pesos) you still get 4 gig’s worth of memory, 2 months battery life (instead of just 1) and a choice of either the keyboard or the touch

personally i prefer keyboard because that’s what i have! lol but more than that, i haven’t seen the kindle touch and i’m not sure if the pearl e-ink is as crisp with the added layer of touch screen. i think that’s why jeff bezos pooh-poohed the idea of a touch kindle for the longest time. he wasnt sure the added layer of touch interface screen would not compromise the crispness of the e-ink.

also, as an owner of the iPhone and the iPad, i still have not made my peace with the touch screen completely! i still prefer the tactile keyboards.. but that’s just me!

if you are a heavy ebook reader, i suggest you get a kindle, or an e-ink reader. your eyes will thank you for it! 😀


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