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Christmas+birthday Wishlist

Having a birthday so close to christmas, most of my friends and family tend to merge one gift for the two occassions, with the card stating “merry christmas and a happy birthday!” it can get crazy sometimes an i have to get creative to let them know that i dont mind getting just one gift as long as it’s the crap i want! lol

i’ve been lusting after so many gadgets this year! hopefully i get it all done by december of 2012!

i would really love it if all of these would be given to me as a gift but i know that i will have to save up to get ’em all. 😀 my deadline is december of 2012  so i think it is a little achievable. 😀

1. a new digicam

as you have probably seen on my Gadget Lust post, i have been dying to get my hands on the new canon ixus 220 hs.. and i’ve already decided i want the black variant. black is beautiful

2. Pentax K-r DSLR

i also want a DSLR! i dunno if it’s instagram’s influence or because i have been travelling a lot but ive been wanting a DSLR after years of saying i dont want it. but, i’ve also said that i’ll only get a dslr if i can find one in pink. well i did!

priced at 27,000 at kimstore

3. Blackberry Bold

i also mentioned in yet another Gadget Lust post that i’m rearing to change my blackberry curve.. and i want either the torch 9800 or the torch 9810

priced at 18700 on kimstore

priced at 20,500 at kimstore

4. Macbook Pro

so here lies the dilemma. i was scheduled to replace chuck (my macbook) which i got early 2009 this year. but i decided not to get one until next year because i was tempted to buy the ipad2 instead (i love my ipad2 and all but i shouldnt have bought one especially since my ipad1 was in good working condition). anywho, since chuck was still working splendidly, i used my laptop budget to buy the ipad2. barely 5 months after, chuck’s LCD cracked. now i need a replacement. i was kinda torn between the air and the pro but i decided on the pro since i have the ipad 2 anyway. 😀 also, i buy all of my apple gear from sir charlie of Digital Hub since i get good discounts there.

priced at 61,990 on the apple store ph

5. twelvesouth bookbook Macbook Pro Case

i need something to house my macbook pro in, right? i think imma get the black one. love love love!

6. A light box!

i dunno why i want this, but i really do! maybe because of all the cameras i want for next year i need a light box to use with it! lol

priced at 880 from cdr-king

7. Estee Lauder Double Wear

i was surprised for the lack of make up and kikay stuff i want but truth be told, i’m well stocked and i have everything i could ever want with back ups to boot too! but my estee lauder double wear foundation is fast running out and i need to buy a replacement soon!

available at rustan's essences (i forgot the price)

8. Kryolan Micro HD air foundation

i just love airbrushing myself and i’ve been wanting to try the kryolan airbrush foundation!

9.  BeloMed Gift Certificates

as most of you know, i get my glyco-peel facials, spanish peel, and power peel at Belo (only belo touches my skin, who touches yours? lol) not to mention the medicines and whatnots that i have to apply to keep acne off my acne-prone oily face and it can get costly so what i really want for christmas and my birthday are belomed gift certificates! lol

10. Trip to Greece

the most unlikely i’d get since i’ve just traveled through europe this year (i fell in love with Venice!) but if i’d be given the chance to travel to europe again so soon after my last trip i’d want to visit Santorini greece. it just looks so beautiful in pictures!

wish lists are fun! i know you have yours too! i love seeing them! tis fun!!


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