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Kindle Dream Upgrades

As you all know, I love my kindle 3.

I bought it over a year ago and is one of the very first ones to receive the new kindle3 last year. I even pre-ordered it and spent several sleepless weeks anticipating its arrival. And boy was it worth the wait!

This year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced a whole new Kindle family, including a tablet form and a touch variant but I didn’t feel the need to upgrade or change my much loved Kindle. For one, it’s not much of an upgrade, and the things they changed on the kindle were things I dont really need or want. The device in my hand still pretty much covers all my reading needs.

Perhaps Jeff will change my mind if he makes these upgrades:

1. Expandable Memory

This is Non-negotiable. At this point, the Kindles (the new one and my own 1-year old one) sits at a respectable 4 gig’s worth of non-expandable memory. It is more than enough for most as it translates to 3,000-3,500 books depending on the touch or the tablet model but there are some with a really extensive e-book collection like me who has 6.38 gig’s worth of books and still counting.  I know, I know, I can’t read all of it in one go, but as they are advertising that you can put your entire library in this nifty device, I’d like for it to hold true for me.

If they don’t do this in the next year or so I might as well get myself a nook (with its expandable memory)

2. Improved Battery Life

The Kindle boasts 30 days – 2 months of battery life, but as I use it with the Kindle Cover with light and its text-t0-speech function a full charge only lasts me 3-4 days max.  It’s not a deal breaker but I wouldn’t say no to an improvement!

3. Improved Pearl E-ink Display

No, don’t get me wrong, the e-ink is as crisp as one can be desired, even better than paper quality, but sometimes I don’t know how it happens but the E-ink gets washed out. When this happens I just do a quick restart and it seems to go away. But I’d like to see the problem prevented as well

4. Built-in Book Light

No, I dont want a back-lit device as it will cause strain to my eyes, not to mention the non-usability under direct sunlight but I would like a pull out one, something like the ones in their overpriced covers (which I was suckered into buying and love love love it) but I’d like to see it integrated into the device itself. Again, this is not a deal-breaker but it will be a nice improvement. 😀

5. More Color Options

How cool would it be to have a loud pink e-book reader?

6.  More Ink Color Options

Or a dark green e-ink display?  BEYOND COOL! #5 and #6 are both highly unlikely but a girl can dream, right?

What the Kindle should retain:

1. Text-To-Speech Function

It is a godsend! Especially for my personal documents and notes! This is how useful it is to me: I save my school notes, law school codals, cases and materials into a .txt file, email it to my Kindle and zone out with my Beats Studio headphones attached to my Kindle and I am in review bliss.

2. free 3G internet

For 3G devices. You can’t do much surfing with it, especially with the e-ink screen, but it’s nice to have there when you just need to google something right this instant or simply have to have that email or read that book while on vay-kay in the middle of the somewhere that has no internet connection but has 3G signal. lol

3. Own Device Email

I cannot tell you how convenient it is to simply email a document to your device and get it instantly and wirelessly (over 3g or wifi connection, that is)

4. The Size

I like the screen size of the kindle. Comparable to the size of an average paperback, the kindle’s size is perfectly comfortable. Not too big (hello iPad), not too small (ehem iPhone). Just the way Goldilocks would have wanted it! lol

5. Page Turn Buttons on the Sides

I saw one of the new ones, the one with the 5way controller.. I cannot comment on how awkward it would be (or not) since I haven’t touched one, but I’m perfectly comfortable with the page turn buttons on my own Kindle device! XD

Hello Jeff Bezos, you there?! if I can customize my own kindle, this is what I want!!!!

What are your dream kindle updates?


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