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November is Reading Month

Last November 2, 2011, Education Secretary Armin Luistro, otherwise known to La Sallians as Bro. Armin, declared November as Reading month and November 25, 2011 as “Araw Ng Pagbabasa” or “Day of Reading.”

There are other activities and programs that encourage and promote reading for the youth such as a proposed 15-20 minutes a day for the entire month where everything is dropped to be able to read a few pages.

There are other fun activities and you can read about it through the Official Gazette or you can find the link HERE.

Being a self-confessed bookworm myself, (hello kindle love!) i find this such a marvelous idea! with my kindle, i find myself having access to all these classic books that I’ve always wanted to read but never found the time to do so.

I would like to join in the Reading Month with my own way. I will challenge myself to read at least 3 classic books for the month of November, as mentioned in my Steve Jobs Biography blogpost.

I’ve already pre-selected the books to read:

1. Gone with the Wind

2. Pride and Prejudice

3. The Scarlet Letter

I hope you can join me in this challenge! Come on, you know you want to pick up that book and get lost in the author’s alternate world!

even if you don’t have a kindle or an ebook reader, you can still access those free classic e-books through Project Gutenberg or by simply clicking the link HERE. 

So there’s no excuse! Let’s all read!

You know you want to… Reading is sexy!


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