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On Physical Books.

i have mentioned quite a few times already that i am completely attached to my kindle, so much so that i have embraced digital books completely.

day after christmas, the dreaded happened. the LCD screen of my kindle3 broke. and since it is out of warranty already, i have no choice but to buy a new one. i’m waiting to have my credit card cleared so that i can get myself a new one.

while waiting for it, i have been using my ipad’s kindle app to read books, and already i’m missing my kindle! i can’t read in direct sunlight and it doesn’t have a text-to-speech function (boohoo!)

the ipad, was inconvenient for me to carry. first off, it was way too flashy to bring anywhere, and i was reading while waiting in line inside the bank and the security guards kept on coming over to ensure that i was not using its camera/video function. another boohoo for me.

so today i tried lugging around physical books. yes, i do miss the smell of a brand-spanking-new book and all that good stuff but there are a few things i do not miss about physical books.

for one thing, i’d forgotten how nosy people can be. a few times today, i have been asked about the book i’d been reading, its story, was the author good, etc.. since i was carrying a book that has quite a flashy cover and an intriguing author, it’s just a quick pull for people. i quite didn’t appreciate being interrupted every few paragraphs or so. i didn’t miss that about reading physical books.

another thing i didn’t miss is lugging around a bookmark. i am one of those booklovers who hate to ear-mark the pages of their books to mark their progress. i feel like ear-marking is another form of vandalizing the book. it wasn’t supposed to be a problem, really, but since people kept interrupting my reading time, and without a bookmark in sight, i kept losing my way. so much so that i had to stick my finger in it everytime someone asks me something or stick a napkin in it while i do something else.

also, i missed the variety my kindle offered me. it used to be that i read several books simultaneously and i only had to carry one device the size of a paperback. now, because i have a small purse with me, i was stuck with just one book, one story.

i know i shouldn’t be bitching about all these because it was how it was done before kindles and e-readers and tablets came along.. but i’d been soo used to my kindle that i’d forgotten.

maybe if those hardcore physical book champions hate e-readers so much just because they haven’t had the chance to try it. i think if they would be given the chance to use an e-reader for a few days, they too would change their minds.

one thing i really loved about my kindle is how i feel that i am helping save Mother Earth by not using paper for something i’d read once or twice.. (tho i’m a complete book recidivist! i can read one story over and over and over if i really like it!)

to those who are hardcore on their booklust, i really suggest just trying it out before judging it.

i have done a complete 180degrees on my physical books stance. maybe they will too.


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