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This 2012…

This 2012…

1. I vow to eat healthier. more on the greens and less on the bad fats

2. i promise to have better sleeping habits.. and to actually sleep during the night!

3. i will try to blog more.

4. be less hot-headed

5. focus more on my studies

6. spend less and save up for my sweden fund!

this 2012 might quite possibly be my last year here on my country (Pinas!) so i promise to make the most out of it.

to cherish my time with family and friends

to spend as much time as i can with my grandmother

to make sure i make all the right decisions as i have so little time to waste.

to attend one more poetry gig before i leave

donate time, energy, and resources to KIDS Foundation

visit some of the churches here in this country


>St. Mary Mediatrix

>St. Claire

>San Padre Pio

>St. Jude



>Quiapo Church

to go to the tourist-y hotspots in the Metro:


>Star City

>Manila Ocean Park


>ride the Pasig River Ferry!

and to eat at my favorite restaurants!

>Sofitel’s Spiral Buffet! (preferably the breakfast buffet! love love love!)

>Saisaki! YUM!



>Mr. Kebab

>Pancake House

>Savory (the one near chinatown!)

i’ll add more when i think of it!

gott nytt år everyone!




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