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Gadgets to Buy for 2012 (updated)

okay, i know i posted my wishlist already, but that is just that. a wishlist.

but there are a few gadgets that i really need to buy.

1. macbook pro. my 2008 macbook is already begging for an upgrade. not only is it ancient, but the LCD’s cracked and leaking, and it’s running on OSX Leopard still. i want to upgrade to OSX Lion soon. maybe 2011 is a good year for me. lol also, i cannot hold off buying a new laptop already since i will be starting my bar review and i need it for the online lectures and stuff that i won’t be able to access with an ipad alone. DONE! Feb 1, 2o12

2. a portable hard drive. back in 206 when most people have no idea what a portable hard drive is, my uncle ulf gifted me with a 20gig portable hard drive. then i salvaged the 80gig hard drive of my old laptop. both of them are dead now. sniff! i need a stable portable hard drive to store all my data and keep it safe. DONE! Feb 1, 2o12 MSI harddrive, 600++gig. i don’t remember exactly how big!

3. a new phone. maybe. i don’t know. i will prolly wait for the new iphone before deciding on a blackberry or an iphone. yep. those are the only 2 choices for me. a bb or an iphone. DONE! May 02, 2012, a blackberry torch 9810.

i’ll probably hold off on buying digicams for a while. i want to lose weight first before getting myself a gadget to camwhore myself with.. u gotta look good to camwhore right?

i probably will not be getting the new ipad when it comes out, retina display or not. i’m  still very happy with my ipad2, thankyouverymuch. (and thank you CJT and CE!). the trick really when it comes to apple gadgets is to skip a generation or two. otherwise you’d be broke trying to keep up with their new releases every so often.



so i was able to get everything on this list and 2012’s first quarter is barely over…. NEED/WANT MORE GADGETS! haha


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