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iPad App Review: GoodReader for iPad

i realized i keep on saying how much i love my iPad, and its usefulness for me as a lawstudent, a blogger, a bookworm, and just your average geek. lol!

i found out about this app when my classmate (crush) recommended it to me. we have the same model of iPad. i believe that the (future)couple that geeks together stays forever. we even have the same mac laptop. i also believe that the couple that macs together stays forever! haha!

i am reviewing this app in my capacity as a law student. this can also be useful for students in general who have saved documents they need or want to access in class.

the GoodReader App basically lets you save, edit, and read your documents in the iPad.

it can read all sorts of file formats such as .pdf, .txt, .doc .xls, .ppt and many more. but since it is originally designed to be a PDF reader, it is best used as a PDF reader. i usually just convert my doc files to pdf using NeoOffice (or OpenOffice if you’re a windows user). i haven’t tried using it as an excel or powerpoint reader tho so i cannot comment on that. as a pdf reader, you can highlight the text, annotate it and even make scribbles which is good. the app even allows you to make this notes, annotations and scribbles in the document itself or you can create a separate “annotated” copy of the same document

i like that you can password protect the app too so that only you can access your files

i usually email the documents to myself from my macbook, access the email via the ipad and save the file to GoodReader.

i also like that you can import your documents from GoodReader to other document-reading apps in your iPad such as the office suites i’m sure you have installed there. i haven’t seen any other app  that can do this. you can also send your documents to file sharing cloud apps such as dropbox. (i think i am the only one who isnt a fan of dropbox because i do not understand how it works! haha)

usually, when i’m in class and the prof is lecturing, i would pull out one of the reviewers i have in soft copy (known as mem-aids. basically just codal provisions in bullet format) and i would pull up the annotation notepad in the app and include those little tidbits the professor mentions.

if the prof is conducting a recitation, however, i simply pull out the cases or digests i have and annotate along with the class.

where i got soft copies of the cases? internet search, tho some are already compiled by zealous classmates and i just ask for a copy.  soft copy for the mem-aids? a little bit of politics here and there goes a long way. plus it helps if you are friendly with the fraternities.. haha! since i am not affiliated with any one of the sorrorities/ fraternities i usually use my, erm, charms to get these documents! haha! it helps that i am not affiliated. that way i have access to all the frats’ hidden notes and not just limited to one! haha but i digress too much.

GoodReader may also be used as an alternative to the ibooks app if you have ebooks in docs and pdf format, or if these books are emailed to you. i havent tried loading up a .mobi or a .epub format in the GoodReader tho.

GoodReader also saves webpages for later offline access but i have never tried this. i prefer InstaPaper for that.

finally, i like GoodReader because not only does it allow you to read documents, it allows you to create .txt files. sucks tho that it doesnt allow for the creation of a .doc or any other office suite format, then i wouldnt need any of the office suites i have installed in my iPad!

so to sum up

what i like:

– can read multiple file formats

– can highlight, annotate and scribble on the document

– create a separate annotated copy

– allows docs to be imported to other apps

– integrates dropbox

– can save webpages

– can  create .txt files

what i don’t like

– the price! i wouldve preferred it free! haha but 4.99 is a small price to pay for a terrific app!


i suggest you get the GoodReader app! it’s very useful, even if you are not a student. i’m sure you will find some pretty neat use for it!

(photo stolen off of google images ACTA, SOPA and or PIPA please don’t put me to jail!)


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One thought on “iPad App Review: GoodReader for iPad

  1. Check out neu.Annotate+ PDF as well, it has basically all the features GoodReader has plus more, like turning everything you draw into separate vector objects, the ability to group and regroup objects. It’s on sale right now for $0.99 too, which beats GR’s price.

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