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Me Grandma and the watch

My grandma’s funny sometimes all the time. this morning i was having breakfast with her and i noticed that she wasn’t wearing the watch i gave her from italy.

me: Ma, bakit yang swatch ang suot mo na relo? Nasan yung galing sa Italy? (why are you wearing the swatch watch? Where’s the one from Italy?)

Grandma: papa-palitan ko yung strap. masikip na eh. (i will have the strap replaced. it’s too tight.”


Grandma: alam ko. mahal nga, di ko naman masuot. aanhin ko yun? (i know. it might be expensive but i can’t wear it so what’s the use)

Me: Ma, yun nga lang nabili ko sa italy na mahal eh! (that’s the only thing i bought in italy that’s expensive!)

Grandma: kaya ko nga ipapaayos, para magamit ko. (that’s why i will have it fixed. so that i will be able to use it)


but i love her! haha. she gave me a burberry bag yesterday. (spoils from her recent hk trip with my aunt!


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