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Artist Spotlight: Noel Cruz

Noel Cruz is a Filipino artist born in the Philippines and is now residing in California. I came across his artwork in 9gag (of all places!) and i was blown away by his artistry!

He takes a standard factory doll and repaints it to make it look like the famous personality it is modeled after. my favorite is his michael jackson and liz taylor dolls. (see photos in 9gag link)

but what moved me most is the doll he custom-painted in the image of his departed mother. i’m blown away by how much the dolls painted, and i can just imagine the amount of time and patience that goes in to get every detail perfect!

i dunno. i just have a thing for guys who can do amazing things with his hands! lol! (i meant in art you dirty minded you!)

if you wanna see more of his artwork go check out his deviant art page

and if you find him awesome, go like his facebook fan page! (i just did!)

(photos stolen from the artist’s facebook fan page, post published without his consent. but i just couldn’t resist to share this with you. Mr. Noel Cruz, please don’t be mad! i’m just a fan!)


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