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Vaping Is The New Smoking… Literally

Smoking has been one of the few subjects i avoid talking about mainly because i feel guilty about it. It’s a filthy and disgusting habit, i know, and i’ve been read the riot act so many times by well-meaning family and friends. i’ve even stopped dating a few men just because they don’t approve of this “hobby”.

I know that smoking is not just bad, it kills but everytime i see a pack of my favorite cigarette i feel like i am that fat kid again with that chocolate-iced cupcake. You know the feeling, wanting to eat that cupcake even if your stomach is bursting already but it’s there right before you making you salivate every second that it’s there.. You feel as if it’s mocking you until you finally give in to temptation and eat the evil thing. After the momentary satisfaction you feel guilty about it, dirty even, until you feel so bad about it that you end up hating yourself until you get another bite. Then the vicious cycle just goes on.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve tried quitting so many times and just like the next fad diet, it just doesnt work. You give in to a little bite, one small puff, and suddenly you’re off the wagon once again.

Until i’ve discovered e-cigarettes or “vapes” as what it is called by vapers. I’ve heard about it a while back but i just scoffed it as i don’t understand how it works and there’s still nicotine content. (which i thought was the bad stuff).

Until somebody told me about this forum and i learned that nicotine is the least of your concerns in a cigarette stick. Nicotine is just the addictive ingredient. What causes cancer and all the other bad stuff is the ta and the 50thousand other chemicals in cigarettes.

I also learned that with vaping, you don’t harm others with “second-hand smoke” as there is really no smoke, but just water vapor, kinda similar to the ones in nebulizers. (if my understanding is correct). Anyhow, as i am a newbie at this myself, i cannot explain it properly but here’s a quick 101 about it.

And i finally bought my own kit for a reasonable price from Jaze Ching of I gave him a call and asked him A LOT of questions and he was an absolute dear about it. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my “newbie” questions and was very accomodating even when i kept him up with my orders. ( i want it in pink, pink and pink) and changed my mind every five minutes in the wee hours! Lol.

So i bought the airbornev3 from him, 2 extra driptips (pink as shown in the pic and a clear one not in pic) and 2 ejuices (bazooka bubblegum flavor from dekang and a kapeng barako [philippine black coffee] flavor from holy smokes which is named “kape kaba”). But i realized that i didnt really like nicotine (as both ejuices had nicotine content) so i headed off to e-shots (another vape store) near my school and bought a flavor without nicotine content (strobanana) and a popular ejuice flavor RY4(a cult favorite among vapers but jaze didnt have stocks and eshots does not stock the particular flavor but they have RY8 which is basically the same but sweeter.) the RY8 of eshots had nicotine content tho.

4days of vaping now and i find myself reaching for the strobanana flavor. I guess i am just not liking the nicotine. What i find is that what pulled me to smoking cigarettes (or “analogs” as the vaping community calls it) is not really the nicotine but the physical act of blowing off the smoke. I feel as if i somehow release all tension and stress with every blow. (that didn’t come out right but it’s not what you think, you dirty minded you!)

I really like that i dont smell like an ashtray nowadays and my tonge does not feel like i just licked one either!

Downside is i got addicted to the variety of flavors so now im contemplating ordering these flavorings from a chinese supplier and mix my own flavors! I can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s to a healthier hobby!

If you are contemplating quitting, this might help you! ๐Ÿ™‚

(so i’m typing this blog via blogsy for iPad and i don’t have my physical keyboard with me. Excuse the typos)


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One thought on “Vaping Is The New Smoking… Literally

  1. vanessa on said:

    very informative, ella! thanks!

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