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Of Greeks and Brotherhood

i never had the inclination to go greek. i already am a Goddess in my own right. why go greek?


When I was in gradeschool, during one flag ceremony the “cooler kids” in highschool went up on stage in between the singing of the national anthem and the reciting of the panatang makabayan and publicly announced that they used to be in a fraternity/sorority (kinda like a “hi, my name is jane doe and i’m an alcoholic” type thing) and told us all that we shouldn’t join one. i didn’t even have a clue what a fraternity or a sorority meant.during recess, i went up to the kids who said it (don’t ask me why, but i was chummy with the upper classmen during my youth) and asked them exactly what it meant. and they went on and on about the horrors of what being a member of one entails. and told me that i really shouldnt join one. Since then I’ve always thought of sororities and fraternities as something that is as bad as drugs, prostitution, and abortion. (and boy was i right! i kid.)

when i started college, my alma mater was really serious about the “no fraternity/sorority” policy. we were even made to sign a notarized statement that we are not a member of a fraternity/sorority nor will we join one and if we do, we face the punishment of expulsion. EXPULSION! that serious. it just cemented the idea i had when i was a kid that such an organization is evil. (again, i was right! lol) of course there were still fraternities then but they were not out in the open (kinda like a dirty drug deal).

so color me culture-shocked when i entered law school and fraternities and sororities were out in the open recruiting with their enticing goodies and stuff. still i was not swayed. especially after i got to know the fraternities and sororities, and boy do they live up to their reps. i kinda secretly think that those who joined such organization were those kids who never really belonged in high school and are now compensating for it. don’t get me wrong, i’m friendly with the Greeks and Latins in lawschool but i never really had the inclination to jin one. not that i wasn’t asked. i can name 4 sororities who invited me to join, and not just once, mind you. i was asked to join their sororities multiple times and (even one sorority asking me a number of 3 times, with their “queen bee” personally inviting me at one point and i just said no.)

of course there are benefits of joining such organizations. for one, you get to have a large number of people you get to call sister/brother willing to help you in your classes and you get to have access to their ultra-super-mega-secret notes that allegedly could help you in your subjects. well guess what, i still have access to those notes and i’m not just limited to one source, i get to have access to the notes of all the sororities and fraternities (well, at least the ones that i’m friendly with the members). plus  i just couldn’t stomach the thought of slapping somebody one moment and the next i get to call her my sister. i don’t know about you, but i don’t even pinch my friends and i still get to call them my friends and boy, i wonder what my mom would do if i slapped my brother! i just don’t get it.

i especially don’t get it now. 2 years ago (i think) several of my friends (who were all members of a sorority) were victims of the Bar Blast when a molotov was thrown in their direction. they all suffered varying degrees of injuries the worst being that one of their “sisters” lost both legs. case still unsolved but authorities were convinced that it was a frat-motivated crime. i thought by joining a sorority, i get to have more friends. it seems to me that you just gain more enemies in the process.

i could list more frat-related crimes but i don’t have the energy nor the inclination to do so.

and it really is ironic that on the day the Supreme Court finally issues a decision regarding Lenny Villa, the Ateneo Law Student who got killed because of hazing during the “initiation” ceremony of the aquila(?) fraternity, another law student was found dead because of similar means.

Enter Marvin Reglos. The first year law student of San Beda College of Law (Mendiola) who was a neophyte (a term used to call a person who is in the process of joining the fraternity) of the fraternity Lambda Rho Beta.

Last Saturday he went to a resort in Antipolo with several of the members of the fraternity for their initiation ceremony. Sunday he was rushed to the hospital, allegedly with another fellow neophyte but he was declared dead on arrival. Very few news can be gathered right now about the other neophyte but allegedly, he’s still in critical condition and may be handicapped due to severe beating. (not sure about the details regarding the second neophyte). 2 men, allegedly both members of the fraternity and law students from a different school, went back to the hospital to inquire about the health of the second neophyte and they were arrested for the death of Marvin Reglos.

I heard about the incident Monday night and the sad part was that i think i (and most of the law community in the area) found out about Marvin Reglos’ death ahead of the family of Marvin because these so-called “brothers” of him didnt even have the decency to identify him in the morgue nor inform his parents that their future lawyer is now dead. the son that they have nurtured and loved, fed and sent to good schools with bright hope for his future has now perished. it was only on tuesday that the father of Marvin was able to travel from Isabela to Antipolo (a grueling 14-hour drive) to have the most painful task of identifying the battered and defaced body as his son.

The heartbreaking part is that Marvin was probably a source of pride to his family, being the big man in law school and all that. his father is a farmer and his mother is an overseas worker in korea. now he’s gone. his father even had to borrow an ambulance so that he could transport his son’s body from antipolo to isabela.

i really wish and hope that the ones responsible for the death of Marvin Reglos be punished accordingly. We have RA 8049 or the Anti-Hazing Law  which imposes the penalty of death for hazing practices in fraternities but this has been sadly ignored by most fraternities and sororities all over. not just law fraternities. may the death of Marvin Reglos find justice and that it may serve as warning to all fraternities and/or sororities who still employ the barbaric method of hazing. Lenny Villa’s death didn’t serve as a warning, maybe Marvin Reglos’ death will.

i hope one day  soon, the family of Marvin Reglos and those who love him, find peace.

My deepest and sincerest condolences to the family of Marvin Reglos.


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3 thoughts on “Of Greeks and Brotherhood

  1. I found your article through Google. Marvin was my cousin. I’m glad to see that this incident is getting a lot of attention, because hazing rituals are stupid, especially if they involve violence!

  2. goddessella on said:

    thank you for reading my blog. again, my deepest condolences to your family. i just hope that those who are responsible for your cousin’s death are made to pay soon.

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