Vanity is my favorite sin!

a southern belle's spot in the big city


okay guys, i don’t know if i’m being paranoid but HELP!

so a few hours after i did the blog post about Marvin Reglos, i checked the hits status on this blog and i was surprised to find out that i have hit the busiest i have ever had in this blog.

and i was just going over it, reveling in the thought that 344 people actually read that piece of article (full of typos and whatnot, mind you) wen i scrolled over the clicks section.

the clicks section is the part in the stats page where it shows me the links in my blog that people have actually clicked on. and i was surprised to find out that aside from the links i’ve posted, people have also clicked on my pictures. MY PICTURES. pictures from blog posts a year ago. they have just recently clicked on those links.


it scared me a lot, considering the sensitivity of the issue i have just posted a prior to this one.

why on earth would people just dig up old photos of me? i would understand a touch of morbid curiousity as prior to my previous post, the only people who read my blog are those who know me. but still. i’m scared.

call me paranoid all you want but if anything happens to me or to this blog or both it’s not hard to put two and two together, especially with the sensitivity of my previous post (Of Greeks and Brotherhood).


a little caution:

just so people with nefarious plans are forewarned: the nation is watching, and i have 344 people who read the previous blog (my mom not included in the count) and still counting who reads this blog. just a heads up.


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