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On Notting Hill

Notting Hill is my all-time favorite movie.

i watch it when i’m feeling down.

i watch it when i’m happy.

i watch it when i’m home sick with the flu.

on christmas eve.

on valentines day..

i watch it basically everytime i need a pick -me-up..

Notting Hill

there’s something about it that gives me immense comfort.

idk. maybe because it’s basically about a superstar who fell in love with a book salesman. i can relate.


seriously tho. i love this movie to no end.


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2 thoughts on “On Notting Hill

  1. Mike S. on said:

    There must be something right about you, as a person, because Notting Hill is also MY favorite movie of all time! Nice to find someone else who has impeccable taste in movies. đŸ™‚

  2. goddessella on said:

    hi Mike S. thanks. but i really do enjoy Notting Hill. glad to know im not the only one.

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