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GadgetLust Appeased… For Now.

I meant to update you guys sooner but i’ve been too busy with (drum roll please!) THE BAR REVIEW! yea! i finally graduated from law school!!!

okay, so now on to the bigger update..

remember in my Wishlist post, i said i wanted to get a few things? well, i’ve accomplished some of the bigger things in there… (nope, not the santorini trip.. but how i wish! haha)

i got myself a new MACBOOK PRO! yay me! i also got myself the accompaying Bookbook by TwelveSouth Case!! yayme! (okay, so my grandma nearly got a heart attack when she saw how much the bookbook cases are priced but le bookbook won out in the end!) on top of that, i bought my MBP a pink Satin SpeckCase (okay, so i dunno how you call it, but i got myself the satin case for MBP from speck). suffice to say, my MBP is well protected, and stylishly at that!  i believe that a gloved MBP is a loved MBP! LOL

Speaking of the TwelveSouth BookBook cases, The MBP case is not the only thing i bought from them. i got my iPad2 a bookbook case, as well as my iPhone. so all my iProducts are on gloved by TwelveSouth Bookbook. (hey wait a minute.. the MBP is not an iProduct, but whatever, you got my point.. right?)

and finally do you guys remember my Gadgets to Buy for 2012 post? i’m sure you do because i’ve linked it for you! haha! anyhow, in that list i wanna update you too. i got the MBP, as mentioned, as well as the portable harddrive. so the only have the cellphone left to buy.. that’s the next thing imma buy.. i promise!

i actually got the MBP, the bookbook cases, and the hard drive first week of february (February 2 for the MBP, SpeckCase and harddrive, Feb 6 for the BookBook cases to be exact) but i just didnt have the time to blog about it at the time cuz i didn’t wanna deal with the hassle of taking pictures, but i realized, Meh, WTF, it’s not like a lot of people read my blog.. (i’m pretty sure that not even my mom does) and it’s not gonna matter anyway so i might as well post this without pics.

in the event that somebody (ehem, you) actally read this post and want pics, lemme know in the comments below and imma make the effort to take some and post it here otherwise, you’ll find some of ’em in my twitter and instagram accounts. (i’m really lazy to take pictures because i’m green with envy that my cousin got a new SLR and i didnt. so i promised myself imma get an SLR camera soon)


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