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iPhone App Review: Pic Stitch

I’m really not the biggest photographer there is, it’s too bad that i dont have the fabled “eye” fr ohotography, but i sure want to learn.

So i dont have an SLR (yet) but i do take the occasional picture and most of the time i only have my iPhone 3gs with me. Sure it doesnt have the greatest camera phone resolution, it doesnt even have flash! But it’s what i’ve got and it’s what i use.

Not having the greatest camera resolution and in the process of acquiring prize-worthy camera skills do not stop me from taking amazing instagram-worthy pictures.

Enter Pic Stitch

Tis a photo-editing app that may be used for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

What i like most about this app is that it helps me bring several pictures together and it does have amazing instagram-like filters.

I can use it offline (no internet required) and it gives me the option to save my “masterpiece” to my photos and at the same time i can post it directly to twitter, instagram, facebook and/or other amazing photo-sharing social networking sites.

Best of all tis FREE! and it has more features than the paid app Diptic (which i had to buy separately for my iPad and iPhone) which i found kind of a letdown compared to Pic Stitch.

Photos i made (and uploaded to instagram) via Pic Stitch

The one i made via diptic

What are you waiting for? Go download ’em!


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