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On How I Met Your Mother

i love love love this series.

along with friends, this is the only sitcom that i really follow.. kinda bummed though that it has too many similarities with Friends, i kinda let that one go because HIMYM is still the only brilliant sitcom there is nowadays.. maybe a little of CougarTown and Community too but it doesnt compare with HIMYM

tis funny to me that the very first episode i saw of HIMYM is season 3’s Everything Must Go episode.. the one where Britney Spears was their guest for the second time.. before seeing that episode, i knew nothing about the characters of the show, i even thought that britney was a main cast! obviously i knew alyson hannigan from american pie but that’s it. and i only knew about Neil Patrick Harris because he guested in Glee and he’s always in the gossip sites for being gay and fabulous! XD

i really thought Neil’s role there was gay too cuz he slept with britney spears in that episode to get Ted’s attention. well, they both slept with each other because they want to get Ted’s attention so i thought Neil’s character, Barney, was in love with Ted too.

i was just watching the same episode again today and it reminded me of my initial impression of the series..


oh, and barney stinson’s awesome! XD


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