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of the so-called “brotherhood” again

a few months back, i blogged about the death of Marvin Reglos, the neophyte of a greek fraternity in San Beda who died due to hazing during one of their initiation rites. allegedly. The news of Marvin Reglos’ death came the very same day the case of Lenny Villa, another hazing victim, was brought to justice, 20 years after Lenny Villa’s death. if that isn’t ironic enough, another Bedan law student died due to hazing just a few months after Marvin’s death.

This time the victim is Andrei Marcos. He was a neophyte of the  Lex Leonum Fraternitas (latin – The law of the Fraternal Lions). He was rushed to the DLSU-Dasmariñas Hospital yesterday morning (july 30, 2012) where he died, allegedly due to hazing rituals in the fraternity’s initiation rites.

photo taken from Julius Romel Fernandez’ facebook site without permission

Marcos told his relatives that he was doing a school project last saturday afternoon. he failed to come home after that and his parents were unable to contact him.

His uncle, Atty. Jose Vener Ibarra, was interviewed and this is what he said:

“Let’s just say yung arms at legs niya kulay ube. Yan ang sinasabi ko sa gumawa sa kaniya – kulay ube.”

He added: “No one has to suffer this from people that they will call brothers. Wala. Walang dapat mamatay nang ganun. Kung sino man kayo hahanapin namin kayo. I pray that the criminal justice system will get you first.”

The Law School Government of San Beda College of Law have assured the public that the death of Andrei Marcos will be fully investigated and that they, along with the school administration will cooperate with the authorities.

i’ve said it before and i will say it again. i never got the logic behind slapping someone just so i get to call her “sister” afterwards. i have friends, real ones, who have literally been through hell and back for me and with me and not once did they slap or pinch me for the privilege.

I feel bad for the family of Andrei Marcos, just like when i heard of Marvin Reglos’ death. i mean, how do you tell a parent that their child died because he so wanted to call these monsters “brothers” that he was subjected to such pain and suffering?

and yet these so-called greek and latin brotherhoods call us, the non-affiliated ones, the barbarians. i’d rather be a barbarian any day of the week than to let one of you lay your icky hands and paddles on me.

i pray for the eternal repose of the souls of Marvin Reglos, Lenny Villa and Andrei Marcos. i hope that Marvin and Andrei’s murderers are sent to jail the way Lenny’s murderers are now rotting in jail. finally, i pray that one day soon, the families of Marvin and Andrei find peace and acceptance.



as per the commenter stated, Lenny Villa’s Murderers are still not in jail. i sure hope though that they are all living their own personal hells.



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One thought on “of the so-called “brotherhood” again

  1. lawyer on said:

    Not one of those who killed Lenny rotted in jail. In fact, some are even occupying high and influential positions of the land. These Aquilans are very powerful to the point that they “wield over our justice system”.

    Case in point is the ouster of former CJ Corona. An impeachment complaint on Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo, an Aquilan, was first filed in the lower house due to plagiarism. In order to divert the attention, the “Aquila block” in Congress pushed for the Corona’s ouster (Corona is member of rival frat Fraternal Order of Utopia). Several Aquilan congressmen were even part of the 11-man prosecution team (Tugna, Abaya, Aggabao) which was funded by another Aquilan, An-Waray Representative Bem Noel. It is a well-known fact that the Congress has been”controlled” by these Aquilans. Back in 2008, they installed their brod Prospero Nograles as House Speaker. Lately, it seems like they are grooming another brod, Majority Floor leader Boyet Gonzales of Mandaluyong, to be House Speaker should Belmonte seek a higher post.

    Earlier this year, reports surfaced from Ateneo Alumni Australia president Dino Creseni that Aquila’s lawless violence of hazing neophytes is still going on.

    Can these people still sleep at night?

    Side notes:

    Usec. Mike Musngi, de Lima’s replacement in the JBC, were among those who were involved in Lenny’s death.

    Atty. Dem Villanueva, lawyer of Lambda Rho fraternity in the Marvin Reglos case, is an Aquilan.

    SC Associate Justice Bernabe’s husband is an Aquilan. His son is also an Aquilan.

    SC Associate Justice Villarama’s son is an Aquilan.

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