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On Jollibee Delivery.

Prior to today, I loved having my food delivered from jollibee. It’s fast, efficient, and the riders are always oh so courteous. I also loved that they have a 30-minute delivery timeframe, or they’d give you a 200peso gift certificate that you can use on your next delivery. Cool huh?

Especially when I was still living in mendiola and the branch that handles my delivery is the bustilios branch. No matter how late I call, they always try to accomodate my order. I usually go hungry at the ungodly hours then (2am-4am) and they are always ready to take my orders. More often than not, they have the food I like in stock, (their palabok is superb!) And it doesn’t matter if they don’t have a cooked thigh part chicken at the moment. They would pop one in the oven just for me. It made me feel right on special.

Early this year, I moved to a new flat and the delivery branch that caters to my orders is now the dapitan branch. The first few times, the delivery went on great. Fast, reliable, and eFficient seems to be their motto. At this point, I usually try to order around lunchtime to late afternoon because it’s the only way to ensure that they have most food on stock.
Background on my usual order: I since they have a minimum of 200pesos for delivery, which is not bad at all, I would often order 3meals which would last me the whole day (lunch, dinner and lunch again the next day) I usually ordered 2 1pc chickenjoys specifically thigh part, and 1 palabok fiesta. I would always specify the thigh part since it’s the only part of the chicken I like. (I don’t like white meat on jollibee chicken) and if they didn’t have thigh part, I would switch my order to their 2pc burgersteak, which is roughly the same price.

he glitch happened the night of June 22 2012, when I orderd my usual (2 1pc chicken with rice, thigh part, and 1palabokfiesta) and I was surprised to receive a weird thigh-slash-wing-slash-white meat part. It is roughly the same size as your average thigh part, but the actual thigh meat is about a quarter of the regular thigh part since it has mutated into wings and weird white meat parts. I wasn’t able to eat the thing partly because I wasn’t sure if it was really chicken and partly because it has a strange smell(I think at that point the smell was psychological in nature, since I didn’t like what I saw and tasted, my brain gave signals that I shouldn’t like what I smell too) so I just ate the palabok that night. The following morning(lunchtime) I was surprised to see that my second order of chickenjoy tiurned out to be another mutant friend of my uneaten dinner. Unable to face another hungry meal, I called the dapitan branch to complain. And then they enlightened me. They (I presume the poultry farms or slaughter house) have invented a new cut called the SPLIT THIGH which is, well, part thigh, part wing and wholly weird! I told the branch that I didn’t like it at all, I wasn’t able to eat it, and I specifically asked for thigh part because that’s the only part I eat and I even change orders if thigh is not available. The manager was nice about it and sent me replacement chickenjoys, at no extra cost. Real thighs this time. And because of that, I loved jollibee more. Customer satisfaction indeed! And I continued to order from them. I just made sure to never order chicken anymore. I just didn’t want to risk getting their mutant cut again. I also discovered that their beef with mushroom meal is really good and costs half the price of the chicken with rice!


At 5:21pm, I ordered 2 beef w/mushroom with rice, 1 2pc burgersteak with rice, and one palabok fiesta, all w/o drinks. All these for roughly the same price as 2 1pc chickenjoys and palabok. (the order usually lasts me a day and a half to two days depending on my hunger level. Thank god for refs and micrwaves) the call ended at 5:25pm with the agent assuring me that my meal will arrive at 5:55pm or I’d receive a 200peso gc. I also gave them my globe cellphone number as reference. 6:10 came, and no food still. I remember this because my neighbors were chatting in the hallway and I went out and asked them if my food delivery has arrived. They did not see anyone. At 6:18, I called 87000 to follow up my order. At 6:45 the jollibee dapitan branch texted me, asking my location and why I wasn’t replying. I told them that there was no text coming from them and gave them my location. Then, I saw that my sun phone(which I don’t always use) has several missed calls, the earliest of which was at 6:20pm. I specifically did not give this number because I don’t always check it. They must’ve gotten the number from their file. At 6:58pm, the food arrived finally.

I asked the rider what took him so long. (At this point I was still nice about it because of the 200gc)
Rider: ma’ame di ko na po kasi alam kung ano nangyari (ma’ame I don’t know what happened anymore)
Me: okay lang. May gc naman eh. *smile* (it’s okay. I will receive giftcheques anyway)
Rider: ma’ame, wala po akong dalang gc kasi bago pa lang po ako. (Ma’ame, I don’t have gc’s on me because I’m still newly employed) Me: pano na yung gc? (How about the gc?)
Rider: ako na lang po magiinform sa branch (I will inform the branch) Me: okay lang itetext ko din sila. (It’s okay. I will text them too.)

At around 7:02pm, I informed the branch via text that the food arrived finally but without gcs. Up until 7:30pm, no reply so I had to call 87000 again, and their customer care told me that they will be the one to follow up from the dapitan branch. At 7:38 this is the reply from the manager:

Gud evening mam ella dis is jolibee mam regarding po sa delivery mam di daw po kau makita ni rider kanina pa po sha paiko-ikot we try to call u sa phonebut no one is answering the phone. (Good evening ma’ame ella, this is jollibee ma’ame, regarding our delivery, the rider said he cannot find you and he kept on going around. We tried to call you but no one is answering the phone)

At this point I was a little peeved. My reply was:
1. Yes. The phone he called registered the earliest call at 6:28pm, 32 minutes later than the estimated delivery time of 5:55pm. I know this because at 6:25pm i called 87000 to follow up my order
2. And, he wasnt even supposed to call that number in the first place because i specifically give this number for the transaction and not the 664 number
(I said the earliest call was 6:28pm I was mistaken because the earliest call was at 6:20pm, but still, that is at least 25minutes later than their 5:55pm deadline)

What caught my ire tho was the audacity of the then branch manager. He even implied that I was lying about the time or purposely not answer the knock to get thr gc. Here is the reply:
1. Kumakatok daw po si rider kaso wala daw po nagbubukas..kaya po bumalik d2 si rider.. (The rider knocked but nobody answered so he went back to the branch)
2. Mam kc po kanina pa po yan rider dyan. Di daw po kayo nagbukas ng pinto kumakatok daw po sha pero wala daw tao. Ung phone nyo po wala pong sumasagot…kaya tumawag ung rider d2.. Hningi pa po namin sa 87000 ung cp number nyo para macontact po sila. Maaga po dumating ung rider dyan.. (The rider arrived early but nobody answered the knock. Nobody answered the phone too. We had to ask 87000 for your cellphone number. The rider arrived early)
3.Ung number po nakalagay d2 ung telephone lang po .ung cp number nyo po kinuha pa po namin sa 87000…pasensha na po kayo kung mam…pero maaga po dumating si rider talaga,..di lang po kau makita..salamat po. (The number we have is the one we called. We had to ask 87000 for ur number. We are sorry for the delay, but our rider arrived early, he just could not find you)

I felt like I was being called a liar for a measly 200-peso gift certificate. I called them and told them how inconsistent their claims are because
1. If the rider was really knocking at my door, he shouldve told me so when I asked him what took him so long.
2. My neighbors who were chatting right outside my hallway wouldve seen him and knocked at my door.
3. Even if I answered their first call at 6:20pm, it would still be at least 25minutes late from the 5:55 deadline they gave.
4. The building where I live is equiped with cctv cameras. We could rewind it to prove that the rider never arrived the first time as per their claim.

I told the branch manager about all these.

The branch finally relented and gave me the 200peso gc but at the cost of my stress and anger. It will take me some time before I’d consider ordering from them again and I have half a mind to give the gc’s to my building’s security personnel. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld


UPDATE: (August 31, 2012)

so i tried to let the issue go, but after a week passed, i still could not get over the fact that i was being impliedly called a liar and a cheat by who i thought was their store manager. so i called their customer care hotline and relayed everything that happened. the Customer Care Representative relayed me to the store manager and the stor manager, Ms. Fel, was appalled to find out about the whole incident. i smelt a whole crew cover-up. Ms. Fel assured me that the issue will be thoroughly investigated and it was. i also received an apology from the branch. now everything is well and i am finally at peace.


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2 thoughts on “On Jollibee Delivery.

  1. Your even lucky you get GC’s.I had far worst experience from jollibee and other fast food delivery’s as well and I didn’t even get an apology from them.Except from KFC they changed my order twice.Pero Jollibee my deliveries are always late in my area.Dahlia Fairview.I would have appreciated a simple sorry from the store manager or call center which never happened even once.

  2. goddessella on said:

    i feel you, miks. sometimes complaining really works, but it’s a lot of hassle.

    i had to complain through the customer care of the main branch to get a response and to get my point across.. but this incident happened about 2 years ago. i don’t have the same problem anymore with the branch that currently handles my orders. :))

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