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Grubfest:Slice of Life

My friends and I scheduled to have a catch-up dinner for tonight at Slice (a slice of life in every bite). I was quite keen to go partly because my I haven’t seen these people for some time, and partly because I’ve been curious about the cafe.

I’ve been hearing so many good things about Slice from just about every where, and lemme tell you now, the media hype is more than deserved. The food is good, the coffee even better, and the desserts are simply divine! And just about everything is healthy so you won’t feel bad aboutindulging in their mouthwatering treats!

I wasn’t able to take any pictures at all because I was almost two hours late (traffic in Manila is horrible when the rain is pouring like crazy) and this is not a foodblog anyway. (Excuses, excuses!) I will do a proper review once I take the time to go back on my own. But for now, just take my word for it: order the grilled chicken with melted cheese in brown rice, the chocnut coffee, and the chocoyema cake. 🙂 my friend also really recommends the mongo in brown rice with a hint of curry. 🙂

Slice is owned by Sen. Pia Cayetano and the Coffee Bar is usually tended by the hunky Lino Cayetano (brother of Senator Pia). so if even if you dont like the food (which is not possible at all) your eyes will feast on le manjoyment on display. hehe

Happy eating!
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