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Jetsetter: Flight Outfit

when i travel, i try to look at least semi-presentable while being comfy as well. a fellow traveller (my aunt) once told me that the secret is to wear your most stylish jammies. well i don’t have that! haha

another secret is to wear layers that you can easily peel off, or put on depending on the temperature.

i have crafted a “flight uniform” that i wear every time i fly. it involves some in-flight wardrobe change, but i’ve done it so many times to know that it’s not much of a hassle as you would think. the trick is to use the airplane bathroom the earliest opportunity you get.

and you’re probably reading this right now because you need flight outfit tips too.

so here goes

my travel "uniform"

my travel “uniform”

1. a blazer – especially when a convention or a conference is in the itinerary. i like wearing blazers because it looks a little more presentable than a sweater or a jacket. my Zara blazer is perfect for this because it has some funky details. i don’t wear much bling when i travel so the blazer is my most “stylish” piece of accessory.

2. jeans – a skinny or bootcut jeans. i like wearing my jeans already to save space in my luggage. i change into my leggings in-flight to be more comfortable. some wear jeggings instead so that they won’t have to change in-flight, but i find leggings a lot more comfy and changing in-flight is a small trade-off for the comfort. i also wear jeans to dress-down the blazer. my local brand of choice is Human Jeans.

3. boots – again, i wear my boots when i travel to save space in my luggage and just change into some comfy ballet flats when i’m already in the plane. i just keep my boots under my seat. if my place of destination is not cold enough to warrant boots, i wear my hi-cut Chucks (Converse) instead of the boots. for boots, i buy my boots at this local store called “Toquero” they also make customized boots which are pure leather for a measly 130dollars (estimated. price is PhP5,500)

4. a beanie – just because it’s more likely that i get a bad hair day when i travel.

5. sunglasses – self explanatory. i usually wear my rayban wayfarers but my local eyewear of choice is FlyWear

6. a roomy tote – to stash my passport, gadgets, scarf, sunglasses, noise canceling headphones and other travel must-haves. sometimes i use my Longchamp le pliage long handle, or my LV Neverfull. i’m still looking for the perfect travel handbag tho. my friend Heidy hates my LV Neverfull tho, because it doesnt have a zipper or some sort of closing mechanism. her exact words are “ang mahal, mahal ng bag na yan, hindi man lang nila nilagyan ng zipper! (that bag is very expensive, yet they couldnt be bothered with a zipper!), another friend and fellow traveller, Casey, on the other hand, is on the fence about it. while she concedes that the bag is stylish, she agrees with Heidy on the non-existence of zippers! haha

7.  comfy tee – i usually prefer them loose, it can easily be dressed up by the blazer anyway. Giordano, Bossini, Human all have good comfy tees.

8. watch – since cellphones and other gadgets are turned off during take-off and landing, it’s nice to have a watch to know the time. i usually wear my philip stein to keep track of two different timezones (home and destination) back when i dont have a philip stein yet, i wear two wristwatches.

9. earrings – optional, since you will have to take it off during airport security, but i just prefer wearing ’em anyway. diamond studs are the way to go, in my opinion

10. carry-on trolly bag – to stash an overnight change of clothes (in case something happens to my main luggage), my ballet flats, a laptop (if needed), a spare cardigan and other travel essentials that does not fit into my tote. i prefer a trolly bag that turns into a knapsack just so i can still carry my tote and my main luggage. i use a local brand Hawkbags.

11. scarf – airplane temperatures can be a wee-bit cold. so prefer stashing a scarf to use on top of the blanket airlines let you use. i also stash a cardigan or a jacket in my trolley bag just so i have that option. scarves and pashminas are sold just about anywhere!

12. leggings – explained in jeans. sweatpants will work too. XD again, i dont have a specific brand of choice here.

13. ballet flats – explained in boots. my brand of choice is tory burch.

14. lip balm – to keep my lips well hydrated and avoid chapping. i like kiehls, but any brand will do. the more moisturizing, the better.

15. tinted moisturizer/bb cream – cabin temperatures are a little drying for our skin, so i keep myself well hydrated by putting on a moisturizer. a tinted moisturizer is better to even out my skintone. and i just prefer bb creams  (beauty balms) because it gives me more coverage and it moisturizes as well. i dont normally wear makeup in-flight but it’s important to moisturize inflight, and i think bb creams and tinted moisturizers are god’s gift to vain travelers.  if you don’t like wearing makeup in-flight at all, a normal moisturizer will do. i prefer celeteque for that. as for bb cream, my bbcream of choice is Etude House’s Precious Mineral BBCream.

and the ipad just keeps me occupied and entertained while waiting in airports or inflight. (it has ebooks, music, games, pictures, movies, internet. what more can you ask for?) i would normally prefer bringing my kindle but to save space, a multi-purpose gadget is better, so i bring my iPad instead. any form of tablet will do. or if you’re oldskool, bring physical books and magazines to keep you occupied and a music player of your choice (heck, it can even be a walkman!) but that’s a bit impractical and bulky.

i hope this helped you. happy traveling!


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