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BagRaid: Opera Edition!

As mentioned in my previous post, i’ve always wanted to do the wildly popular “what’s in your bag” blog post, but for reasons previously mentioned, i am not able to do so until i have stumbled across polyvore.

and because i am so excited to meet the Phantom on wednesday, my bag has been packed and my electricals charged and ready to go since the weekend! (yes, i am obsessive that way). i cannot contain my excitement, so i decided to make a what’s in your bag post. XD

1. the bag – the bag is a burberry hand bag that fits the ipad and everything in the board (just barely tho) i honestly do not know the exact model of the bag as i have only stolen it from my grandmother (as most of my bags are either gifts or stolen from my rich grandmama! LOL) this is the closest picture i can find, except mine has a burberry logo and a button pocket upfront.

2. ipad 2 in LV case (my pride and joy) – the venue is a little far from my place and the traffic can get a little unpredictable in Manila, so i decided to arrive near the venue really early (at least 2 hours) and grab a bite in one of the nearby restaurants and probably hang out in one of the coffee shops near the theater, so for that i need me some time fillers, and i might as well get some reading done too.

3. cellphones – as you know, i carry an iphone and a blackberry so i’ll be bringing both, on silent mode of course. incidentally, my iphone case is a bookbook 12south, so it doubles as my wallet and card case (it holds my ID, a credit card, an ATM, and some cash)

4. the Tickets for the show – you can’t forget those!

5. camera – actually, i will be bringing my pink LG camera, but i am too lazy to find the exact model, so any pink camera will do! haha

5. ipad camera connection kit – i’d have some serious down time so if the weather permits, i’d like to take a few shots off of Harbor Square. it’d be nice if i could upload it directly to my ipad while waiting. plus, it takes up little footprint in my bag anyway.

6. recorder –  i will try to sneak in my voice recorder. i gotta have my intimate encounter with the phantom on record, and while i know that they sell CDs which would no doubt be better in quality, i feel like my own recording is “special” haha. not sure tho if they’d allow it, but my recorder is just from CDRKing, so no harm in bringing it. XD

7. Makeup –  i will be doing my full face at home, so i just need my revlon lipstain and my mac studio fix for retouches. XD

8. keys – self explanatory. XD

i forgot to put in picture – hand sanitizer. duh

yes. i’m excited to meet the phantom! i have been waiting for this day since i found out that the Phantom of the Opera London Cast will be playing in Manila. i just wish the sequel Love Never Dies will follow suit! XD

i’m soooo excited!!!!!! yes, i am a Phan!! (a phantom of the opera fan.)


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