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On’s welcome message

So lately I have been on a fashion kick, and extremely addicted to fashion websites like polyvore and pinterest. 🙂

I stumbled upon the other day and i immediately signed up. I haven’t figured out yet how it works exactly but I’m looking forward to it.

Right after signing up, I immediately got the generic welcome message, asking me to verify my email and the like. After doing that, I’ve forgotten about the site.

Literally 5 minutes ago, and a little over 24hrs after signing up, I got an email from yuri lee herself, the co-founder of, personally welcoming me to the site, and even inviting me to email her regarding any concern about the site. She finished it of with “x, yuri” which means, kiss, from yuri- It made me feel right on special!

I know that it mustve been an automated email, but something about the way the email has been crafted makes me feel warm and wanted..

She already won me over! 🙂

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