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Packing List: Bangkok Edition

My friend C and I have been planning an overseas trip for quite some time now. We originally wanted to go somewhere in Europe or Australia, but we decided that it is too ambitious considering the budget we’re gonna spend is coming out of our own pockets (and not from our parents, mind you! We like to delude ourselves sometimes that we are “living independently” already) so we decided to go somewhere in Asia first. We’ve shelved the Europe idea for 2014-2015, fingers crossed.

I originally wanted to go to Singapore because it has been years since i’ve been there last, and i haven’t been to the new Universal Studios yet, but she went there early this year with her family so that’s out of the question. I vetoed Hong Kong because i go there practically every year, ’til 2010. And I refused to go to Bali until I get some semblance of my bikini bod back! We’d rather go somewhere we’d soak up the culture, and we landed on Bangkok.

But of course, the challenge did not stop there. Being both competitive, we decided to have an extra challenge. We should survive a 6-7 day trip with just ONE (1) carry-on bag and ONE (1) handbag! (mainly because I know that the shopaholic in her would not be able to resist those Bangkok goodies!) My downfall of course is that I tend to be a pack-rat and I end up overpacking. Of course I intend to correct that via this challenge.

It worked to our favor that the airline we chose gave discounts if you travel light, meaning you don’t check-in a bag or luggage. I decided to take my Hawk trolley bag that is carry-on safe and converts into a backpack


So to ensure my victory, I decided to have a packing list  do a test-packing and guess what? I succeeded, with plenty of room to spare!

So what do you pack on a 6-7 day trip to Bangkok? well it depends. if i had my bikini bod back, then screw the temples. I’d be hitting the beach from day one and you’d have to drag me outta there kicking and screaming! my luggage would just be bikinis, cover-ups, sunblock, sunnies, a beach towel and a kindle. But not having my bikini bod is another sad story altogether, and let’s just continue with this post

Now, since we are definitely hitting up the temples, a more conservative wardrobe is essential. I have read from my research that if you’re planning on visiting the temples, then tops with sleeves, at least knee-length shorts, skirts or dresses, and the footwear must be slip-on or something that you can take off and wear back with ease.

These would be packed in medium-sized Eagle Creek Packing Cubes that I have acquired over the years of travelling!

So these are the things I have planned on bringing:


packing list bangkok

1. A “Little Black Dress” – We decided to watch the cabaret or more popularly known as the “Ladyboy Shows” and it is in a hotel so a more dressy outfit is needed. I decided to bring an “LBD” cuz ya can never go wrong with an LBD! But i’m planning on bringing something a little more conservative (definitely with sleeves and a little longer in length than the one pictured.) I might pair it up with my Fitflops or my Tory Burch ballet flats.

2. Three Shirts with Sleeves –  I decided to bring some neutral-colored shirts with light fabrics since Bangkok is definitely a tropical country and it’ll be hot there, but since we’re hitting up some temples, sleeves are a must!

3. Two Light Tunics and a Cardigan- i’d definitely bring my see-through white polo, and i’d pair it with one of those cute tanks inside! I would also bring a Cardigan (not shown in picture) because it might be cold during the night.

4. Three Tank Tops – Okay, so we’d definitely not be going to the temples all the time, and it would be nice to be able to wear tanks while shopping in their street or floating markets! Plus, I could wear these tanks inside the tunics or outside the shirts that i decided on bringing. i haven’t decided yet. I could even stash these in my handbag so i could change tops if i get too sweaty

5. One set of jammies – I know that the hotel we’d be staying at is air-conditioned so we wouldn’t be sweating through the night and we’d just be wearing these 5-6hours a night, maximum. i can even wash these in the morning and it’d be dry by the time we get back.

6. Short-shorts – Relax, I won’t be wearing this in the temples, or if I do, I would pair it with the leggings.

7. Two Leggings – One in gray, the other one in black. i could pair it with the tunics or the long shirts that i brought.

8. Skinny Jeans – Which i would be wearing in-flight (that way, it wouldn’t take up room in my luggage)

9. A Pair of Bikinis (or two) – Well, we are in Bangkok after all! I promise you this though, i would be steering clear of dem cameras just in case I decide to hit the beach. Plus, the bikini top can double as a bra.

10. Footwear – I decided to bring three. my Fitflops (which i would be wearing in-flight), my Tory Burch Ballet flats, and my Ipanema Sandals.

11. Dressy long-sleeved top – (not shown in picture) Which I would be wearing in-flight

12. Two Pairs of Sunglasses – Gotta protect the peepers!

13. Sunblock lotion – Bangkok is a tropical country, and we’d join a river cruise too!

14. Umbrella – i heard it’s a must-have

15. Camera – self explanatory

16. Handbag – To go around Bangkok, I’d be bringing a roomy tote to stash those little trinkets! XD

I’d be bringing my usual travel-sized toiletries too and my usual travel gadgets that I simply cannot leave without (Hello iPad!) and we can’t forget our travel documents and pocket money, can we? 🙂

S0 there you have it! My Bangkok Packing list! I’m so excited!


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