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On Joining the Workforce

Hello All!

I know I have been gone for a while but I’m back now.

It’s been a while and all I can say is that I have been in a really dark place for a while but I’m on the road to recovery now.

My last post was about my Bangkok packing list and it was published, I think, November of last year and a lot has happened since then.

at the top of my head, these are the things I’ve done:

I’ve been to Bangkok and back,

Relocated to Hong Kong for a while and lived there.

Suffered a failure.

Endured a 15-hour bus ride.

employed as a writer.. a legal writer that is!

cheated on Steve Jobs yet again by skipping the new iPhone and gotten myself an S3 (loving it too),

read a lot of new books,

and so many other things that I just cannot think of right now.

i will blog about these experiences in time but the thing that i want to talk to you about tho is my work!

for the first time in my life I have been employed! I have a real job (with a real boss and a desk and everything!)

The job is toxic, the pay is crappy and the boss is very strict but I’m loving every minute of it!

I actually like the challenge of my new job, no matter how toxic it is, and the pay although really low, is tolerable because I am after the experience, if nothing else, and I actually love that my boss is strict because she keeps me on my toes!

Also, no matter how much I complain about my job, I actually love my job! I am doing something I am passionate about (writing) and my company’s clientele basically, are brands I adore!

You guys know that i love love love ebooks right? Well my company basically makes ebooks for clients, clients I don’t think i’m allowed to name but imma give you a hint. Our clients are companies like the company with a logo of a fruit with a bite (wink wink) and the company that is the biggest rainforest in the web, selling, well a lot of things but largely books, ebooks and ebook devices.

And here’s the clincher. our company converts (drumroll please) ebooks for these companies (among others)!

EBOOKS! Can you believe my luck? Aside from the travel stuff, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that ebooks and the two companies I dont wanna mention (hehehe) are all I talk about in this blog, basically because i am most passionate about these things!

You know that ever since I have discovered the joys of ebook reading, i’ve been very vocal about trying to convince other bookworms to switch to ebooks. aside from the obvious benefits such as convenience, variety, cost effectiveness in the long run, the text to speech function, adjustable text size, and other things, (I feel like I’m a broken record typing this again, but I told you I’m really passionate about ebooks!) My main reason really is to help Mother Earth. yes, i’m all for the joys of reading a paper back, and nothing really compares to it, and the divine feeling of sniffing an old or new book, whichever rocks your boat (which i’ve never been a fan of anyway. i have a very sensitive nose and one whiff would send me to a fit of sneezes and watery eyes. not so fun). But the reality is physical books cost trees, trees we don’t have an abundance of anymore, and we need trees for other things (like oxygen perhaps?) and if everyone would go paperless and into electronic methods such as ebooks then we could spare the trees. We wouldnt even need to cut more trees for pencils if we go full on paperless, if you think about it! but I digress!

Anyway, what I am trying to say is destiny works funny sometimes, cuz i couldve easily missed this job, but I didn’t and I am on a job that I love (and on my first try too!) not to mention my officemates are the best people to work with! Everyone’s just so nice and helpful and I don’t feel a tiny bit of office politics in the atmosphere! Good eh?

How many people can say that they go to work everyday to do the job that they love and with people and companies they look up to? Not to many, I guess,

Lucky, lucky me! And on my first job too!

So everyday, I eagerly go to work, do something I am really passionate about and come home everyday fulfilled.

If that doesnt pull anyone out of their misery, I dunno what will!

stay tuned for other posts in the coming days! 🙂


I am not really a fan of editing blogposts after publishing it, I normally just type away and hit the publish button, flaws and all, but I just cringe at the grammatical errors and typos that i cannot not do anything about it (plus, I think it says something about my new status as a writer-slash-editor!). Also I am blogging via my iPad and my new bluetooth keyboard and I’m still getting used to the new keys so I figured it’s legit for me to hit the edit button, just this once.

Anywho, please wait for my next posts! I am so excited to tell you guys all about my travels and all the little anecdotes that goes with it!


**update #2 I cringe at more typos and grammatical errors I keep finding at this post alone! I guess my long sabbatical from blogging/writing has left me more rusty than I realized! ugh


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