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App Review: Polyvore’s iOS App

Remember how I blogged about my love for Polyvore way back?

Since then I have slacked on making sets and boards mainly because I’ve been giving my iPad more love than my macbook. With all the travelling I do, my iPad basically goes with me everywhere, and Polyvore can only be accessed through a laptop/computer web browser (I think the site runs on flash) as it has no native apple app then.

So just imagine my surprise when I randomly checked if Polyvore finally made an iOS app and they did! Ya know what I first did right? I downloaded the thing without second thoughts and fired up a set (to be seen in my next post).

I like that it almost–almost felt like the web-based version. Except that I cannot add my own items, but that’s okay, the polyvore catalog is filled to the brim with amazing finds that I seldom need to upload my own images anyway. I think I don’t really have to upload my own images, I just gotta find the right keywords for the search engines. But most of the time I am too impatient to mix up keywords that I prefer uploading my own crappy ones. lol

Another thing is, the app is universal for iPads, iPhones and iPods, meaning the app is not in HD, but that’s okay.. it’s better than not having an app at all!

Those are minor setbacks tho. all in all i love love love the polyvore app! yay!

go download the app!!


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