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Jetsetter: Airplane Kit

My Mom and Aunts started me early on the travelling bit. I was barely a year old when they first took me on a 10-hour roadtrip.

I was almost 3 years old when I first rode the plane out of the country.

I was 11 when I first travelled by plane solo (to visit my aunt).

Needless to say, the travel bug bit me really badly and I have not gotten it out of my system.

I do not claim to be a travel pro, but over the years of traveling I’ve picked up a few tricks here and there. I’ve also fallen prey to a lot of packing and travel mishaps that I know exactly what not to do when travelling, but hey that’s an entire blog post altogether.

Right now, let’s talk about the airplane essentials.

I’ve already covered the basic travel outfit/s for short or long haul flights, so let me share with you what I absolutely cannot live without inside the airplane.

These are not the carry-on must haves which I will probably cover in another blogpost.

This list is for when you’re already seated in the plane with your carry-on trolley in the overhead compartment and/or your handbag under your seat. and I like to put these things in a clear pouch. As you know, I love making packing lists!

Normally, before I settle in, i make googly eyes at the cute steward or hunky fellow passenger (whichever strikes my fancy) to help me carry the trolley bag atop the overhead compartment. I thank him with a coy littlle smile afterwards. and then I take my iPad and clear pouch off my hand bag and then I make sure my hand bag is under my seat. This is if I don’t need or want to change into my in-flight “uniforrm.” Otherwise, I change into my “uniform” right after i get the trolley settled in the overhead compartment. (For short flights, I don’t really change.)

anyway, these are the contents of my “clear pouch.” Enjoy!

airplane kit

1. *Oil Control Face Blotters – To keep those oilies at bay, I know that the plane tends to be drying to the skin but I still prefer to have these babies handy. My brand of choice is actually Clean and Clear.

2. BB Cream in travel size/sachet – As I’ve mentioned before, I prefer bb creams to moisturizers in-flight because it serves a lot of purpose. It moisturizes, conceals, and evens out complexion. I don’t really like wearing too much makeup in-flight but bb creams and cheek tints are musts. If you don’t like BB creams, I suggest you keep a moisturizer in your kit instead to keep your face hydrated. As I’ve mentioned before, I prefer the ones from Etude House.

3. *Lip and Cheek Tint – as I said, i don’t like wearing too much make up but I would like my skintone evened out and my cheeks rosy (otherwise I look blotchy and pasty) so I keep a small bottle/tube of a lip and cheek tint handy. my brands of choice are: The Balm’s Staniac or the local favorite, Bench’s Lip and Cheek Tint.

4. Lip Balm – to keep my lips from chapping, plus it’s handy to have for blisters. My lip balm of choice are Carmex or Kiehls.

5. *Sunnies – I keep losing those blasted eye masks, so I prefer sunnies, unless it’s a long haul flight, then I put my eye mask in the kit as well. Note though that I keep a travel eye mask, ear plugs, and inflatable neck pillow in my carry-on trolley no matter how long or short my flight or road trip is.

6. Stylus Pen – I prefer to keep a spare pen in my kit so I don’t need to go rumaging through my pasport holder. This way, there is less risk of me misplacing my passport pen and my passport/ticket etc in the process as well. Since owning a tablet, I try to bring a stylus pen. one that has your regular ballpen in one end and a touch stylus on the other. if you don’t like carrying iPads or tablets inflight, I suggest you keep a spare ballpen in your kit instead. It’s easy enough to find these bad boys, but i just get mine from CD-R King.

7. Comb – I try to find small flat ones to serve my purpose.

8. Hair Elastics – To keep my hair off my face. Nothing can be more annoying than your hair all over your face on a long flight and you don’t have one of these babies at hand!

9. Spare Earphones – Everytime I travel, I make sure I have my noise cancelling headphones with me (noise cancelling headphone of choice: the beats studio pro by dr. dre) but I always make sure I keep a spare earphones in my kit just in case.

10. *iPad Camera Connection Kit – Especially during the flight home, I use the downtime to transfer/copy my pictures from my camera to my iPad so I keep my iPad CCK in my kit. This is also handy when I want to steal my travel buddy’s shots before we go our separate ways. XD I bought the ones from apple although i find it a hassle to bring because it is two separate gadgets for a memory card reader or a usb reader, plus all of my family practically owns iPads so the CCK is often borrowed or stolen by family members. I have bought myself a CD-r King one that I love love love! It is much more handy too because it is 2-in-1

11. *Mini Bluetooth Keyboard – I prefer doing a bit of work/typing during flights, be it long or short and I prefer keyboards to touchpads so I keep a small one handy. This little baby is smaller than my samsung S3. typing in this is a lot like typing through a qwerty keypad and to me that is a lot more preferable to a touch screen. To each his own I guess. Again, my brand of choice is CD-r King!

12. Purell – Or any good ol’ alcogel to keep those airplane germs at bay.

13. *Mint – to keep my breath minty fresh. Especially during long haul flights when I’m all alone with no one to talk to. my mint of choice is Tic Tac

14. Gum – To keep my ears from aching.

15. *Pill Case – if you’re like me who needs maintenance meds, then a day or two’s supply of medicine would be handy here.

16. *Clear Peel-Off Masks – I like using one of these during long haul flights to keep my face hydrated. I usually choose the ones that dry clear so I don’t look too stupid while it’s on. I wipe it off with a wet wipe, or rinse it off in the in-flight loo, if it’s not too much of a hassle.

17. travel packs of wet wipes and facial tissue – self explanatory.

NOT SHOWN IN BOARD (because i forgot. sue me)

18. *Double Sided Tape – Handy for a lot of things, especially if you’re like me who’s fond of wearing button down shirts! Keeping a small roll of this baby in your kit prevents a lot of embarassing fashion faux pas. You can use those made-specifically-for-wardrobe ones but I find that the ones from 3M work just as well, maybe even better!

19. Photocopy of your passport details/visa/boarding pass/other travel docs – To avoid rummaging through your handbag when they make you fill out those disembarkation cards. Doing this minimizes the risk of you misplacing your passport/travel docs in flight.

20. *Mentholated cream – If you’re like me who’s prone to migraines/headaches/itches, keep a small tube of this in your kit. It’s very handy. My mentholated cream of choice is Katinko or Tiger Balm. Stinky, but effective as hell!

21. *Contact lens case and eyeglasses – I usually wear my contact lens in the airport so I keep my eyeglasses and lens case handy so I can change into them infllight.

*Optional but highly recommended.

I don’t keep my iPad in my pouch because 1. It’s too big to fit in there 2. I use the iPad in the airport too so it’s a lot handy for me if I keep it separate from the pouch. The same goes with my noise cancelling headphones.

Also, you might’ve noticed that there’s a few liquids in the kit. I’ve honestly kept it this way and I’ve never been hassled in airport security, I think this is mainly because I keep so little liquids in my carry-on. I pack most of it in the check-in luggage. But if you don’t wan’t to risk it, you can keep your liquids in your ziplock bags first and then switch it up while waiting to board. If you’re like me who arrives at the airport a lot earlier than recommended, you have a lot of down time after going through airport security and before boarding to do this.


Lastly, I keep mine in a clear pouch because it is what is available to me here. I usually get those free pouches from pharmaceutical companies due to the nature of our family business, so having pouches of all make and model is no hardship to me! I prefer the clear ones with a zipper because it is easier to keep everything intact with a zipper closure and the clear ones just makes me see exactly what’s inside so I know what’s in it or what i’ve forgotten to include.

You can opt not use a clear pouch if that’s more your style. if you choose however to use clear pouches, I believe Muji and Beabi sell just about every size and color. It can be expensive tho and if you’re on a budget, you can check out your local 88-pesos japanese store. Those shops are basically everywhere and they also sell pouches of all kinds! You can even get mesh ones which I also like!

If you can’t tell yet, I love love love pouches! I have a separate pouch for just about everything. Needless to say Beabi and Muji are my happy palces, and the 88-store too, if i’m on a budget! XD

So this is my kit. I’ve started developing this during my Europe trip in 2011 and through various flights and roadtrips since then, switching things up as I go along. But this is the final list, I’ve used this during my flight to Bangkok last January and my HK trip early this year too. I plan on using this again during my next flights. Fingers crossed.

I wil update you if I switch things up again, but I think I covered the basics.

Do you have your own “airplane essentials?” I would love to hear all about it!

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