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GadgetLust: Share Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab Clone)


I know what you’re thinking, I have an iPad2, a Kindle3, a MacBookPro, an iPhone 3gS, a Blackberry torch, and a Samsung S3, (among others.. I could keep going but then I’d be typing all night! I kid) so why on earth would I want a new cheapo tablet, and a clone at that?

Well, you know that I have joined the workforce, and I have quite a long commute. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard from Dan Brown just how long Manila traffic jams can get. I don’t drive so i’m stuck with taking 2-hour bus rides (30 minutes, without traffic) and 30 minute cab rides (5, without the traffic. you get the gist.) I used to take my iPad or my kindle with me, along with my S3 and blackberry and with all that gizmos, I can be a very viable target for someone with villainous intents.  (as I’m sure Dan Brown would just be too happy to tell you about!) I’d rather not be a temptation to those who are trying to keep clean too! and with the long commute I gotta do something about it. (this is me rationalizing and talking myself into satisfying my gadgetlust! haha) i originally wanted to get the iPad mini, but with my ever faithful iPad2 still in good working condition, I simply cannot justify shelling out that much money.


So I thought of getting one of those cheapo tablets that I can just treat as “disposable” if one of those ‘villainous intents’ are acted upon.

I first thought of getting Torque’s Droidz Portal tablet, but thought better of it, because i find that selling out around 9thousand pesos for a “disposable” tablet is not so disposable after all.

then I came across this term called “phablet” and when you google it, you find a myriad of cheapo tablets with a sim card slot that makes it a phone and a tablet. A phablet! (think Samsung Galaxy Tab)

Priced ever so cheaply (less than a hundred dollars, i believe) i ordered myself one, in pink too, no less! XD and now I don’t bring my iPad or kindle and my S3 with me anymore, plus, I can take the long commute without boring myself to death or killing myself with worry that i become a target of villainous intents, either way i’d die without this cheapo tablet, so really it’s a small price to pay for my sanity and my life. (here i go again rationalizing my gadget lust)

So i Bought this Share Tablet priced at 3,600 from your friendly sellers. (I don’t want to link it to the person who sold it to me because transacting with her/them has been horrible)


I got mine in Pink (what else would you expect from a girl whose favorite color is… green?) and it came with an AC charger, a “HighSpeed” USB connector, a USB broadband adaptor, headset and a user manual.

tablet and what it came with

I was really amazed at how good the quality of the screen is, and how responsive it is, for its price! you’d think you bagged a Samsung galaxy tab for less than a hundred dollars! My Aunt used to own a Samsung Galaxy Tab (the first one that ever came out that’s a phone as well) and it works and feels just like it. it can get really slow tho, especially if you run multiple apps all at the same time, but for my purposes, it works just fine. I usually play music with the headset on (sound quality’s fine too) and read ebooks. I haven’t done any hard core internet browsing or movie marathons yet tho.


anyhow, here are the specs:

CPU: ARM Cortex-A8 1.2GHz
DISPLAY: 7″ capacitive touch TFT resolution
RAM: 512MB
CARD SLOT: Micro SD card expandable up to 32GB
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n
CAMERA: Dual camera front 1.3 and back 2MP
USB INTERFACE: USB connection (Can be connected to the computer to copy files)
EARPHONE: 3.5 mm Stereo Jack
BATTERY LIFE: Built-in type polymer rechargeable (lasts 4-5 hours on standy-by mode, ALMOST 2hours on games and wifi)3-4HRS ON MUSIC AND VIDEOS
Expandable memory with MicroSD up to 32GB (MicroSD not included)
7″ TFT multi-touch screen
Wifi ready
Support 1080 HD Videos
VIDEO: Supports WMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MKV, VC-1, DIVX, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.264 720P HD 108i
GAMES: Supports several games based on Android platform
WEB: Supports many internet applications for web, social sharing, video and chatting
E-BOOK: Supports several e-book tools based on Android platform
MS OFFICE: Supports various office software such as Word, Excel, PPT, PDF based on Android platform

altho, don’t bother with the USB cable, especially for transferring files.. it can get reaaallllyyy slow, nearly as slow as the traffic jams in Manila, I tell you! lol What I do is I use my 16gig microSD Card to copy files and stick it to the tablet. works like a charm.


I also bought myself a leather case (the pink Coach one which i love!) and a keyboard case. the keyboard is a bit laggy, (i’ve typed most of my previous post in it, notice all the typos) it can be a pain to use at first, but i’m sure once i get the hang of it, it’ll be just fine.


so i guess that’s it!

to recap,

here’s what I like

-good for ebook reading

-okay for listening music


-comes in pink

-cheap looking, meaning, not theft-friendly


-can be used as a cellphone

-has an external memory port

-USB broadband capable (i havent tried tho)

-the accessories are dirt-cheap as well!


what i don’t like

-can get laggy when multi-tasking

-battery life not so fantastic (but for its price, i’d bear with the hassle of bringing the charger with me!)

-no bluetooth

-horrible camera (again, for its price, who cares?)

-some android apps don’t work (viber, instagram, to name a few)

will you be getting one? let me know!!


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