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goodbye 2013, hello 2014

goodbye 2013.


you know i have had apprehensions welcoming you mainly because i don’t like the number 13. but you proved me wrong. 2013 was my best year so far. you kicked it off by giving me the opportunity to travel to so many places, for a while there i had to stop and remember exactly where i was. you gave me my first real taste of heartbreak and disappointment too. for a while there i never wanted to go back home in the philippines and face everyone. but you taught me that family and real friends will help you bounce back, no matter what. thank you too for the “firsts” you’ve given me a taste of this year. most of them good, some not quite as enjoyable as the others but all of them i can chargeto experience.

This year, you’ve really taught me that what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. and you’ve really tried hard to kill me this year, only to make me stronger.

this year you’ve made me move out of my comfort zone in more ways than I can count, and although i resented it at the time, i am grateful now for being able to do it.

This year, you gave me the opportunity to go back home in hong kong, and actually live there again. you also gave me the opportunity to travel with just my mom, even for just a short short while. it’s something i haven’t done since i was probably eleven. so thank you.

i also became an international student this year, learning not only about my host country but also about the culture of the countries of my friends and classmates. Not only do i know about their different cultures and drinking habits, i can probably say a few sentences in different languages now such as spanish, german, persian, arabic, chinese.. but maybe just not enough in Swedish! hahaha

You’ve given me so many opportunities to travel, even with my meagre resources, and with that, i am nothing but grateful. this year, you’ve showed me just exactly how practical it was to keep a travel bag always packed and ready to go!

i’m sorry too 2013 if at times i have been bad or ungrateful. you have to admit though, you’ve given me some bad memories. i have been through one of the worst experiences ever early on. for a while there i didn’t think i will be able to bounce back. but you’ve showed me time and again that i am made of stronger stuff and that no matter how strong the punches roll, i will be able to stand up on my own and face it.

Finally, this year was the first time i spent my birthday, christmas, new year, and other holidays away from my family, and in a different country. I’m not particularly fond of the experience but at least once in my life i’ve spent a birthday and christmas away from the philippines, and away from my friends and family back in home.

so 2013, all things considered, i am nothing but grateful.

and 2014, i am looking forward to everything you have in store for me. from the good, the bad, and even the ugly. cuz if 2013 taught me anything, it’s that i am strong, and i will be able to rise up to the challenges ahead of me. i am looking forward to the places you are going to take me to, to going home, wherever home might be. to seeing my family back in pinas again, and hopefully, the ones in hong kong too!

i am also looking forward to the boys i have yet to meet in your year. i hope there’s plenty. but if you cannot give me plenty, at least give me a memorable one. ❤

i am looking forward to many firsts with you. 2013 gave me a lot, but i know, the best is yet to come, so bring it on, 2014!


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