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On Flying to Paris and Amsterdam for Free

Okay, not really.


we paid for a roundtrip ticket to Barcelona, and it just so happened that we had stopovers in both Amsterdam and Paris.


I have dreamt of flying to Barcelona for years now, ever since I found out that my Eurotrip itinerary in 2011 did not include a stop in Spain.

Early this year, my friend and I decided to go to Barcelona, and i was psyched! Finally, i was going to Barcelona! so we scoured the internet for cheap flights and the cheapest direct flight we found was at least 200 Danish Krona more expensive than one with stopovers. And because my friend and i are cheapskates, we opted to take the cheaper alternative and in the process, not only did we save 200 krona, we were also able to visit Amsterdam and Paris! The way I see it, we flew to Paris and Amsterdam for free, and even got paid 200 Krona in the process! haha! that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!



We booked via and paid using my Swedish credit card as the website did not accept my Philippine credit card, nor my friend’s Colombian credit card.


We flew from Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport), Which is the nearest airport from our city (3.5 hours away by train) and landed in Schiphol where we had about 6hours to kill before our next flight to Barcelona. Instead of wasting away in the airport, we took the metro to the city and took in the sights. read: Red Light District. honestly though, a cruise down the red light district at 8 in the morning is no fun at all. bright side tho is that we can take all the pictures we want. when i first came to amsterdam 3 years ago, i was not able to take pictures of the red light district because we visited it in the evening and trust me, you do not want to whip out your camera in there during the night. we were also able to feast on danish cheese for free as we hit up all those cheese shops with free taste! hah! i told you we were cheap! lol we were also able to take lots and lots of pictures of the iconic I Amsterdam sign right outside the Schiphol airport which made me extra happy as it was not there when i went to visit 3 years ago. If i’m not mistaken, the I Amsterdan sign is located outside one of the museums in Amsterdam, but in the last year or so, they replicated the sign and installed it right outside the Schiphol airport, which makes it convenient for the tourists! after our day in Amsterdam, we quickly breezed through airport security (we took advantage of the online check ins, and since we only had carry-on bags, we were able to go so much faster, we had to mind our liquids tho.) and waited for our next plane to Barcelona.


Upon landing on Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, we took the airport bus to the heart of barcelona, where our AirBnB lodgings were situated, stowed our bags, and shopped for breakfast food in the nearby supermarket. we were lucky that we had a Lidl store right below our apartment! after that, we went for a stroll in downtown barcelona in search for a good tapas bar for our dinner. the next day, we started the day early, and went on our Hop On Hop Off bus (HOHO) to Tibidabo. we then had cappuccinos to wake us up before our hike up Tibidabo. we also went to all the tourist hotspots in Barcelona like the Cathedral, the Santa Maria del Mar, the La Sagrada Familia, Port Vell and the Barcelona Beach, Parc Guell, Las Ramblas, the football stadium, Gracia street, and a lot of other places over the course of our 4 days in the city. getting a 2day pass for the HOHO was well worth it because we were able to cram as much destinations as we possibly could in our visit and we did not have to pay for any additional transportation from one point to another


on the way back to El Prat airport, we took the airport bus again and had lunch in the airport (mcdonald’s for me) and we were quickly on our way to the Orly airport in Paris.


Upon landing we had to take the metro all the way to the Charles de Guille airport to catch our next flight to Copenhagen, but before that, we had about 4.5 hours to kill and what better way to kill time than a quick trip to the Eiffel Tower for some photo-op!


all in all it was a good vacation and we didn’t spend as much as i thought we would. i only spent about 300 euros for the whole trip, including airfare and transpo, accommodation, food and some pocket money for souvenirs too!


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