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Packing List: Barcelona

Last weekend, i made a mini-eurotrip and visited 4 cities in 6 days.


and you know me. every trip i make, i always make sure to create a packing list for it. here is my 6-day packing list:



this tiny packing list works because i have this little quirk where i travel with the same clothes, meaning, i wear the same clothes in the airplane on the way to my destination and on the way back home. it’s this little superstition that i have. it doesnt hurt anyone so i abide by it.


also, instead of my black carry-on roller bag, i decided to bring my backpack instead because it attracts less attention and it is less likely to be randomly checked and weighed than a rolling bag.

finally, the nightshirt i chose to bring is not only comfortable, but presentable as well so i can change into it in the airport or train on the way back if ever i get tired/uncomfortable of my travel clothes. in this case, i changed for my train trip and wore my H&M starwars shirt that i’ve been using as a night shirt


so i brought the following:


1. Burberry Trench Coat and black cardigan

2. Marks & Spencer dark blue jeggins

3. blue-green maxi dress from Terra Nova

4. 3 tops (striped oxfords, spring top not in picture, plain white tee)

5. 1 spaghetti strap undershirt (not shown in picture)

6. 1 khaki shorts (which was too cold for me to wear)

7. 6 pairs of underwear

8. a wired bra (not in picture), and a sports bra

9. 5 pairs of socks

10. H&M starwars shirt and boxers

11. Fit Flops slippers

12. beige Converse hightops


the rest not shown in picture:

Toiletries and medication (i made sure to put the liquids in a quart-sized clear ziploc bag)

aquazorb towel

makeup kit

Electronics: ipad, camera connection kit, digicam, smartphone spare batteries, chargers

Travel documents: passport, visa/permits, tickets, accommodation receipts

Wallet: cash, atm, credit card

all these packed in these bags

* plus a blue Coach wristlet that i take with me everywhere and where i store the most important things like cash, cards, and passport.


and how i wore them

i don’t have a full body shot of me in my white shirt and me in my starwars outfi! lol


so there you have it, my Barcelona packing list for Early Spring, 4-6 days


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