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Blog Challenge: 10 Days of Beauty

I came across this challenge from my favorite makeup artist and long time bff Nina Singanon’s instagram feed and I immediately knew I wanted to do it. However, my full make up collection is back at home in the Philippines and i only brought along the basics with me here in Sweden for my 1-year stint as a foreign student.

But I’m bored now, and i’m trying to distract myself as I don’t want to disturb my cutie honey bunny as he is resting. It was partly my fault that he did not get a lot of sleep the other night (it’s not what you think, you dirty-minded you! :p) and he had a long day at work yesterday.. So I’m letting him rest and do his thing for now while I do my thing.

The thing is tho, I barely have a thing! haha. hashtag: problems of a bored trust fund baby when it’s summertime and she hates nature! blegh. It’s my delusions of grandeur at full play again! haha. I digress. To fill my hours, I have decided join this makeup blog challenge created by Maj of I like her blog too! it’s interesting, and she does reviews of local makeup brands, and i’m a fan of local makeup brands!

but instead of posting everyday, i decided to post everything in one go (not following instructions!) simply because i need to distract myself! haha. maybe i will do one with my full makeup collection once i’m back in Manila.

1o days of makeup

So here goes:

Let me start by saying that when I travel, as much as possible I try to bring local products with me simply because it’s cheaper to replace in case it breaks in transit or i lose them. Also, if some foreigner tells me: ‘hey i like your eyeshadow/lipgloss/blush what is it?’ i can proudly say ‘it’s from The Philippines!’ However, there are some products and brands I simply cannot live without and so decided to bring them with me.

Day 1: Favorite Makeup Products

Favorite Makeup Products

Favorite Makeup Products

a. Mac Studio Fix pressed foundation in NC35 – my go to pressed powder. i like that even without a liquid foundation, this powder gives full coverage.

b. Nars bridal palette – everything i need is in this palette, and i moved heavens just to acquire this palette. i love love love it. i take it with me everytime i travel.

c. H&M beauty blender – this little beauty really applies and blends cosmetics really well! it can even double as a blush applicator!

d. Fanny Serrano lipstick in Pink Chic – I love this lipstick. it’s my perfect pinky-nude lip shade, and i even use it on my cheeks as a blush. it gives off this really natural flush which i like.

e. Nichido Liquid Liner – to make the perfect winged eye!

f. EOS lip balm in pomegranate – it’s not very moisturizing (but that’s not really a bad thing sometimes as it prevents my lips from being sticky. it does the job to soften my lips anyway), but i love how it tastes!

g. Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler – because i’m terrified of losing my shu uemura curler. this one is a perfect dupe, in my opinion.

h. H&M lipgloss in nude – it gives off this really subtle spark that i like. my favorite thing to do is put on my eos lip balm, press some Nars orgasm blush into my lips and swipe this gloss.. oh my gosh. you have no idea how lovely it looks. it’s perfect for dates!

i. Revlon Just Bitten lipstain in First Kiss (i think) – i don’t remember exactly what shade this is, but it’s the really bright pink one. i like this because this stain is very moisturizing, i don’t even need to put lipbalm underneath it. also when i’m in a pinch, i just put this on without any other makeup on and voila. it brightens my face.

j. James Cooper cream foundation – i really like the coverage of this foundation and i like that a little goes a long way so it’s perfect for travelling because one pot can really last a while.

k. Mac Paint Pot in Rubenesque – oh my gosh, you have no idea how much i abuse this paintpot. especially when i’m in a rush but i have to look really nice, i swipe some of this on my lids with just my finger and it looks like it was done professionally.

Day 2: Primers, Foundations and Powders

Primers, Foundations, and Powders

Primers, Foundations, and Powders

(i included Concealers as well.)

a. Maybeline Silicone Face Primer

b. Sephora Silicone Face Primer – i only use this underneath my airbrush makeup

c. Nivea Mattifying moisturizer – Which i use as a primer as well

d. Glambox Airbrush Foundation – i have all 5 shades!

e. ELF concealer palette – Which i only use underneath my airbrush makeup.

f. The Body Shop Cream foundation – this is actually several shades darker than my skintoone, but i like the coverage so i use it to warm up my face, especially during the winter time when i was too pale.

g. Ever Bilen Mousse Concealer – pure love!

h. MAC studio finish concealer in NC30

i. Garnier BB Cream – this is what i use daily. it has decent (sheer but buildable) coverage and it matches my skintone. it’s about a shade darker than my natural skin tone, but i like it as it warms up my face. (here, TAN is beautiful)

j. YSL Touche Eclat highlighting Concealer – for my under-eyes. i love love love this concealer!

k. Mac Studio Fix Pressed Powder

l. Maybelline pressed powder foundation – i use it as an alternative to my MAC pressed powder.

m. james cooper cream foundation

n. Ever Bilena Loose Setting Powder – i only use it to set my airbrush makeup.


Day 3: Blushes, Highlighters and Bronzers

Blushes, Highlighters and Bronzers

Blushes, Highlighters and Bronzers

a. Glambox blushes, Highlighters, Sparkly bronzer, and adjuster in yellow

b. Nars Laguna bronzer

c. Nars Bridal Palette – which holds a blush in Orgasm and a highlighter in Albatross.

d. Nichido cream blush in southbeach (i think)

e. Nars Orgasm Blush – iam in love with nars’ orgasm blush, if you can’t tell yet.

f. Ever Bilena Blushes in Shy, Honest, and Cheek – i always make it a point to have a blush in pink, coral and red shades. that’s basic.

Day 4: Eyeshadow Collection

Eyeshadow Collection

Eyeshadow Collection

a. Nars Bridal Palette – eyeshadows in shades of purple (too lazy to look up names)

b. H&M Smoky eyeshadow palette – i love this eyeshadow palette, although it’s a little bit too sparkly for me for day use. i love it more as eyeliners. what i do is i wet my liner brush with a bit of saline solution (contact lens solution) and line my lids with it. the green shadow is perfect for that purpose!

c. Avon eyeshadow quad in Neutrals – when i was packing i thought i grabbed my avon quad in shades of green, but unfortunately i grabbed this one so i have a lot of neutrals with me.

d. Wet and Wild eyeshadow trio in Neutrals – i regretted bringing this one as well. don’t get me wrong, i love this palette and i love neutral palettes but my fashion21 trio works better, so i feel like this is a surplus item in my stash.

e. Fashion21 trio in Neutrals – this one i use when i need to look professional and business like during the day. i love this.

f. MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow – i swipe this all over my lids and for that perfect no make up look that i wear on dates with scandinavian men (hihihi) don’t tell my hunny bunny! he thinks i’m a natural beauty! lol

g. MAC Carbon eyeshadow (i think)

Day 5: Mascaras



I only have 2 because mascaras have a really short shelf life (3 months) and i don’t wanna risk infecting my eyes! the one in the pink tube i use everyday and the one in the black tube is my sorta back up.

My mascaras felt like it was unfair that they were hogging the spotlight so they decided to ask their eye product cousins to join the shot as well. tee hee.

liners and brow powders

liners and brow powders

I have really thin/sparse brows so i have to draw and line them in everytime i want to look as if i have brows! haha

a. Etude House slanted brow liner in brown

b. several Nichido GNO (Girl’s Night Out) Eyeliners –  i love these as they are waterline safe as well. so i use them to line my lids as well as my waterline.

c. White eyeliner (Nichido, i think) – to make my eyes look awake when i’ve just had a late night. lol

d. Estee Lauder Eyeliner in Black

e. My Maybeline Mascaras

f. Etude house beige shadow pencil

g. more Brow Liners from Ever Bilena and Nichido (i think)

h. ELF brow powder – i only use this when i put my airbrush makeup on.


Day 6: Lipstick Collection

Lipstick Collection

Lipstick Collection

i gave 3 tubes of lipstick to my auntie so i only have these now (a fanny serrano, an estee lauder and a mac)

a. Fanny Serrano in Pink Chic

b. Nichido bright pink (too lazy to find the shade)

c. Fashion21 coral lipstick – don’t remember the shade, i promise you tho it’s not as bright as it appears to be. the flash makes it appear brighter!

d. Fashion21 Wild Cherry – My go-to bright red lipstick

e. Fashion21 nude lipstick – again i don’t remember the shade but it’s a perfect dupe for mac’s myth

f. MAC Viva Glam III – i love love love this shade! it’s a very dark, matte red. my favourite thing to do is put on a full coverage foundation to cover my imperfections. draw my brows on, put mascara and this shade of lipstick on.. oh my gosh, you have no idea how sophisticated it looks. i look like a parisian lady lost in Sweden! haha. i call it my Malificent look.


Day 7: Lipbalms, Lipstains and Lipglosses

Lipbalms, Lipstains, and Lipglosses

Lipbalms, Lipstains, and Lipglosses

a. EOS lipbalm

b. Carmex pot lipbalm

c. Carmex tube lipbalm

d. Nivea lipbalm in Rose

e. Lip Ice

f. Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in First Kiss

g. Careline clear lipgloss – i am in love with this one. it’s clear so i can use it on top of any lipstick!

h. H&M lipgloss in sparkly nude

i. Nars lipgloss in greek holiday (i think)

j. Another H&M lipgloss in sparkly nude

k. avon lipgloss in pink

l. MAC lipglass in Lust

m. H&M sparkly red lipgloss


Day 8: Tools: Brushes and Sponges



a. Some Random Sponge and my beauty blender from H&M

b. buffing brush from landmark – i use this to set my loose powder after aibrush application

c. my airbrush machine and gun

d. Fanny Serrano Lash Curler

e. The Body Shop Retractable brush

f. Ever Bilena retractable Lip Liner – i use for my bright red lipstick

g. The Body Shop Kabuki Brush

h. 2 pencil sharpeners

i. lighter – to warm my eye pencils. that’s my story and i’m sticking to it. :p haha

j. Charm Travel brush set with other random brushes from different brands.


Day 9: Favorite Nail Polish Colours

Nail Polish Colors

Nail Polish Colors

a. Nudes Set from H&M

b. Maybeline Color Show in Purple and Green – that i always wear together.


Day 10: Picture of your vanity

i don’t have a vanity in here, my round table by my bed is my all around vanity! haha

but as a bonus, i will show you were i keep my makeup collection

Makeup collection

Makeup collection

a. big Beige H&M Bag – airbrush gun, compressor, and other paraphernalia, as well as my buffing brush and loose setting powder

b. Clinique Vanity bag – my airbrush cosmetics as well as my concealer palette, primer, stencils, etc.

c. The Body Shop Vanity Bag – one side, all eye products the other side all lip products

d. Le SportSac bag – my brushes and other tools.

e. ever bilena polka dot bag – blushes, highlighters, bronzers.

f. small beige H&M bag – my kikay kit where i put my everyday on the go makeup

g. pink pencil case – where i put random face products (foundations primers etc)

There ya go! XD

whew this is a long post!

now my hunny bunny called about 30 minutes ago and he’s been complaining that I have not replied to any of his messages. so CIAO.


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