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Blog Challenge: 10 Days of Beauty

I came across this challenge from my favorite makeup artist and long time bff Nina Singanon’s instagram feed and I immediately knew I wanted to do it. However, my full make up collection is back at home in the Philippines and i only brought along the basics with me here in Sweden for my 1-year stint as a foreign student.

But I’m bored now, and i’m trying to distract myself as I don’t want to disturb my cutie honey bunny as he is resting. It was partly my fault that he did not get a lot of sleep the other night (it’s not what you think, you dirty-minded you! :p) and he had a long day at work yesterday.. So I’m letting him rest and do his thing for now while I do my thing.

The thing is tho, I barely have a thing! haha. hashtag: problems of a bored trust fund baby when it’s summertime and she hates nature! blegh. It’s my delusions of grandeur at full play again! haha. I digress. To fill my hours, I have decided join this makeup blog challenge created by Maj of I like her blog too! it’s interesting, and she does reviews of local makeup brands, and i’m a fan of local makeup brands!

but instead of posting everyday, i decided to post everything in one go (not following instructions!) simply because i need to distract myself! haha. maybe i will do one with my full makeup collection once i’m back in Manila.

1o days of makeup

So here goes:

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On 20-Minute Blogs

And an update.

I feel as if I have been neglecting this blog already, and have only been posting sporadically.

Before coming here to Sweden to study, I have envisioned myself posting so many blogs about life as an international student, and all tha, but i guess life simply has a way of screwing things for you.

don’t get me wrong. life as an international student is the best experience i’ve had so far and i would recommend it to everyone! it’s everything it’s cracked up to be! not only do you learn through the course, you learn so much more, especially about the different cultures of your fellow international students. and then there’s the parties and the socializing (and the dating!) and the travelling! oh, don’t get me started on the travelling! The thing is, i have been so busy with all the studying and the partying and the travelling that i simply do not have the time to sit down and write, which sucks!

but i’m hoping all that will change soon! (i hope!) i am forcing myself to post something at least once a week, or at least once every two weeks until the rest of my stay here in Sweden and i plan to do quick blogs that takes about 20 minutes or less to post.

my plan is to start playing a re-run of one episode from my favorite sitcoms which runs about 22 minutes or less and complete a blog post within that time.

i have bought myself a new bluetooth keyboard for iPad, which snaps seamlessly into my iPad2, and that makes it soo much easier for me to blog via Blogsy for iPad and i love it!

I have several blog topics in mind that i have yet to write and i’m kinda hoping i will get around to writing it within the coming weeks.

also, my Beats Solo headphones snapped in half about a month ago and i’m kinda bummed about that one. i need to get myself a replacement soon as i decide on a good one but it’s been hard for me to find one as the selection is very limited in the town i live in, not to mention everything is so much more expensive here than back home. luckily, my Beats Studio Pro is still intact and i’m using that until i find a good compact headphones. the Studio Pro is fantastic, but it’s just too bulky and it’s not practical to lug it all around town!

another update i’m kinda bummed about is that the security checks in European airports (at least the ones in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Paris) requires that you take out your iPads from your bag during X-ray, which sucks big time. in most airports i’ve been at before, they never ask me to take out my iPad! that’s even one of the main selling points of travelling with an iPad versus a full laptop. :/ boo.

okay. my HIMYM episode is almost done and so i must end this seemingly endless tirade!

til next week. ciao guys!


30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 07

Day 07 – A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.


this is a photo of my Swedish Uncle, Ulf Nejbo.

i wouldnt say he has the biggest impact on me, but his impact is a pretty big one nonetheless.

he became my uncle when he married my most favorite maternal aunt more than 10 years ago. their whirlwind romance is a story i wish to do justice and and tell you all one day.

i think i was about 13 or 14 when i first met him and at the time i was such a rowdy and rebellious pre-teen with more issues than vogue! lol! he helped me a lot in more ways than i could count. he’s the one i look up to when it comes to sound advice. i don’t know. his western take on things is a refreshing change from the very conservative filipino upbringing i’ve been used to.

my Uncle Ulf is also my most favorite artist in the entire world! he’s a graphic designer who works in this really awesome toy and novelty company, but he is also a cartoonist, a painter, a poet, a sculptor and basically an artistic jack of all trades! lol

he also has a big musical influence on me, and we are partners in crime when it comes to movies and gadgets. he’s the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of Steve Jobs! (and finances it most of the time!)


30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 06

Day 06- A hobby you have.

I tried to think of something to write here, for this days challenge. I could talk about poetry or my being a bookworm or my gadget-lust but the thing is, i am a blogger. I have been blogging on and off since 2004 and loving every minute of it.

I read somewhere that people who keep diaries have the secret desire for it to be read by someone else and as a blog is my generation’s idea of a diary, it just embodies that thought thoroughly. So for this day’s challenge i have to say blogging is my hobby and i am merely truly that: a hobbyist blogger. I have not gotten any revenue from it aside from the sheer pleasure of blogging.

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 05

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

This is the ɡʁɑ̃ plas or the Grand Place located in Brussels, Belgium. (pronounced grand plas)

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular places to visit in Brussels along with the Manneken Pis and the Atomium which i’ve also visited when I was there.

I love this place because it is very idyllic, and it fees like the whole place has been frozen in time, with its structures dating back to the 1400s.

Soon as we turned a corner and entered the Grand Place, it feels like we entered a different world altogether. I wouldve loved it even more if the place was not teeming with tourists (like me) but i guess it cant be helped.

We got to try the famous belgian chocolates and belgian waffles too and it was truly delish!

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 04

Day 04- List 15 songs that represent your life’s soundtrack

1. Defying Gravity – Wicked Soundtrack
“I’m through accepting limits just cause someone says the’yre so. Some things i cannot change but til i try I’ll never know. Too long i’ve been afraid of losing love i guess i’ve lost.”

2. I Am Woman – Helen Reddy
“You can bend but never break me coz it only serves to make me achieve my final goal. And i come back even stronger, not a novice any longer, coz you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul.”

3. Empire State of Mind – Alicia Keyes
“In New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do No You’re in New York, These streets will make you feel brad new, big lights will inspire you.”

4. Dreaming of You – Selena
i like this song because when you listen to the lyrics it feels like a sad song but when you get to the end, it’s a happy ending.
“now I’m dreaming with you tonight, till tomorrow and for all of my life. and there’s nowhere in this world i’d rather be than here in my room, dreaming with you endlessly…”

5. Single Ladies – Beyonce
because I am always the eternal single lady
“cuz if you liked it you shoulda put a ring on it.”

6. You Sent Me Flying – Amy Winehouse
“his message was brutal, but the delivery was kind. Maybe if i get this down i’ll get it off my mind. oh, and it serves to condition me and smoothen my kinks., yeah yea. Despite my frustration for the way that he thinks.”

7. Cherry – Amy Winehouse
i totally understand Amy wiehouse in this. in my case her name is Carrie. (my iPad)
“and when i’m lonely, Cherry’s there. And she plays along while i sing out my blues. I could be crying and you dont care. you won’t call me back you’re stubborn as a mule. maybe we could talk ’bout thing if you was made of wood and strings. you might think i’ve gone too far i’m talking ’bout my new guitar”

8. Let’s Wait a While – Janet Jackson
FYI: i only act fast and loose but i’m not. my brain is bigger than my boobs.
“let’s wait awhile before it’s too late let’s wait awhile. our love will be great, let’s wait awhile before we go too far'”

9. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
“i remember we were driving, driving in your car, the speed so fast i felt like i was drunk, city lights lay out before us, and your arm felt nice wrapped around my shoulder and i had a feeling that i belonged. and i had a feeling i could be someone, be someone, be someone.”

10. You’re The One – Tracy Chapman
cuz when i find The One, heaven help me but i won’t care whatever people say about him but he’s the one, he’s the one’he’s the one!
“some say you’re crazy, say you’re no good, say you’re damily’s cursed with bad blood. i think you’re cute and misunderstood and i wouldnt change you if i could. let em talk you dionw, call you namesmy mind’s made up it ain’t gonna change. i’m sure n my heart happy and free you’re the one, you’re the one, you’re the one for me,”

11. Killing Me Softly – Lauryn Hill
“i felt all flushed with fever, embarassed by the crowd. i felt he found my letters and read each one out loud. i prayed that he would finish but he kept just right on. Strumming my pain in his fingers…”

12. Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
“some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world. i want to be the one to walk in the sun. oh girls, they wanna have fun. oh girls just want to have fun

13. It Aint Me, Babe – Bob Dylan
“you say you’re looking for someone never weak but always strong to protect you and defend you whether you are right or wrong. someone to open each and every door. but it aint me babe, no, no, no, it aint me babe. it aint me you’re looking for.”

14. Hot Honey Rag – Roxy and Velma, Chicago
“you can like the life you’re living. you can live the llife you like. you can even marry harry. but mess around with ike..”

15. Take Me or Leave Me – Rent
“a tiger in a cage can never see the sun. this diva needs her stage so baby let’s have fun! you are the one i choose, folks would kill to fill your shoes. you’ll love the limelight too now baby. so be mine, and don’t waste my time cryin’ ‘oh honey bear are you still my, my, my baby?’ “

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 03

Day 03- A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

The one habit that wsh i didnt have is sleeping. yes seriously. it’s not that i dont like to sleep, it’s quite the opposite. i love sleeping so much that i feel as if that’s the only thing i did for days. i can sleep for 12hours or more and then some more.

not that sleeping is not good, but i feel like sometimes, i tend to sleep all day and the next thing i know, the whole day has passed by and i’ve been unproductive as hell.

another thing i wish i didnt have is my seeping habit. my body clock is all screwed up that i dont normally fall asleep up until it’s already 6 or 7 am.

one thing to blame is my school hours, which normally dont start until late in the afternoon til the evening and i hate how i wake up sometimes at 4pm, and there’s nothing left to do but rush to school.

i wish i get to fix my internal body clock just so i can sleep at the normal 11pm-1am and wake up in a healthy 7-8am.

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 02

Day 02- A picture of something you cannot live without

Right now, it is my kindle. I guess the truth is i cant live without books. I just love reading, and i’ve read and re-read my favorites hundreds of times!

Having a kindle is good for me because not only do i not buy physical books anymore, i get to bring most of my library with me anywhere. I say most because the kindle only has 4gig of non-expandable memory and i already have over 12gig’s worth of ebooks! Lol!

The kindle is not just useful for my fictions, but thanks to calibre, i get to have my morning paper and other select reading materials such as The New Yorker delivered in my device every time a new issue comes out. 🙂

The kindle is also very handy for my lawschool. Although it sucks that i cannot find law-school related books, especially about Philippine laws, i get to put in my codal provisions and cases into the kindle and just bring those instead of rims upon rims of wasted bond paper. The kindle’s text-to-speech function is also handy, especially when i’m rushing to memorize a provision.

Can you already tell that i love my kindle?

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 01

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

fact #1
I am a gadget freak.
I am always on the lookout for new and exciting gadgets. I am also a mac fan girl but i love non-mac related gadgets such as my kindle and my blackberry too! That doesnt mean my iPhone and iPad does not get the same love as much as the kindle and the blackberry. I just love gadgets in general. 🙂

Fact #2
i have prophetic dreams.
Yes. It may seem weird sometimes but i do have them. There was a time a kept dreaming of a great white shark chasing me and when i looked it up, dreaming about sharks meant that there was a friend who is or is about to betray you. I kept dreaming about it until i cut ties with one friend in particular and it turned out that that friend was betraying me. I stopped having dreams about the great white shark about the same time i stopped seeing that so-called friend.

Fact #3
my time keeping is atrocious but i hate waiting.
Weird huh?! I’m always late for events and such but i absolutely hate waiting around. The thing is, if i know that the main purpose for a meet up is for me to be there, i am there at the specified time. But if it’s for a party or an event that my presence is not absolutely vital, then im late.

Fact #4
I love makeup!
I love it so much that i have an entire blog dedicated to it! Go check it out:

Fact #5
the travel bug has bit me bad.
I love traveling. Who doesnt, right?! But my family has placed a high premium on traveling so they support me one hundred percent in this very expensive hobby. I make it a point to visit a country or two every year and i have done so since 2004.

Fact #6
i love massages!
I make it a point to get a massage at least once a month, just to de-stress and unwind. Lawschool is one of the most stressful pursuits, in my opinion and we just find ways to cope with it. In my case it’s massages.

Fact #7
i grew up in a hospital.
Not only because i was once a sickly kid but because my aunt actually owns a hospital! You name an antibiotic or vitamin that was available during the 80s and the 90s, i am sure to have gobbled it up because there are sure to be samples given away freely by the medical representatives in our hospital.

Fact #8
i can live on one type of food for months on end!
If i liked something, i will eat it for lunch and dinner for months and months without getting tired of it!

Fact #9
Pink is not my favorite color!
Seriously. My favorite color is green but i really love getting pink stuff. I just find it more feminine and girly. 🙂

Fact #10
I am a bookworm
My cousins call me the nerd cuz my nose is always burried in a book. But i just love getting lost in an author’s world! I love finding out about the beauty of one place and then vowing to visit it one day to see for myself if it really is as beautiful in person as it is in the novels.

Fact #11
My dearest ambition is to get published.
My laptop and now, iPad is teeming with half-started manuscripts that are just begging to be submitted. I even have an editor and a publisher that’s just waiting for my sooper awesome manuscript. Lol

Fact #12
it takes me a while to like new songs
It peeves off my cousin that all the songs in my iPod are old, well, old in the opinion of a 17-year-old music freak anyway. Lol

fact #13
i have a triskaidekaphobia
Either that or i just really have an intense dislike for the number 13.

Fact #14
i was born in the wrong era.
I truly believe that i was born in the wrong era. I love all things classic and vintage.

Fact # 15
i love old films.
I could just sit all day watching old dvds and i wpuld never get tired of it.

30day Blog Challenge

So i will start a thirty day blog challenge that i got from my friend Roxy.

Every day for 30 days i will post one blog with a pre-selected topic. In the spirit of suspense, i will only edit this post to add up the topic of the day once the actual blog post has already been posted. 🙂


Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 02- A picture of something you cannot live without.
Day 03- A habit that you wish you didn’t have.
Day 04- List 15 songs that represent your life’s soundtrack.

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