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GadgetLust: Share Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab Clone)


I know what you’re thinking, I have an iPad2, a Kindle3, a MacBookPro, an iPhone 3gS, a Blackberry torch, and a Samsung S3, (among others.. I could keep going but then I’d be typing all night! I kid) so why on earth would I want a new cheapo tablet, and a clone at that?

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On Joining the Workforce

Hello All!

I know I have been gone for a while but I’m back now.

It’s been a while and all I can say is that I have been in a really dark place for a while but I’m on the road to recovery now.

My last post was about my Bangkok packing list and it was published, I think, November of last year and a lot has happened since then.

at the top of my head, these are the things I’ve done: Read more…

On the Near Death of Bookstores

About last month, i went to Robinsons Place Manila with my friend Ria to chase down a book that seemed to be out of stock everywhere. We were surprised to find out that Powerbooks Store in RP Manila have closed down, as well as the one in Mall of Asia.

Photo lifted off of google images

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On fun 15-minute breaks.

I’m taking a 15-minute break from studying, and since I don’t smoke anymore, I thought of blogging via email, which is still amazing to me! I mean around 5years ago, I wouldn’t have thought it possible to send an email via my cellphone (here in the philippines at least. Smartphones just went mainstream here about 3-4years ago)

Now, with just a few taps on my ‘berry I am able to not only send an email, but post an entire blogpost complete with pictures! it truly is amazing to me. Yea. Simple pleasures like that get me high. (Or maybe it’s just my way of justifying my full-feature blackberry plan, when I could easily get a bbm-facebook-twitter plan for half the price. Lol. Of course I can use my iphone to, but I prefer tapping on keys instead of glass. Lol.
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Booklust: James Potter Series by G. Norman Lippert

Cards on the table, I haven’t finished the trilogy yet but am anxious to blog about it! 🙂 I’ve finished the first book (James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing) and am about 30percent into the second book (James Potter and the Curse of the GateKeeper). Not that I’m not planning to finish the trilogy, but I’m just eager to blog about it and share this wonderful trilogy with you guys! :). With everything going on in my life right now, I actually just have a few stolen interludes with my fictions and god knows how long it’ll take me to finish the trilogy. I can’t wait that long to share this with you guys! 🙂 also, unless I am extremely disappointed with the second and third installments, I will not bother to write a follow up review (or unless am bored enough by then to write a follow up.)
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BookLust: Fifty Shades Trilogy

to be quite honest, i’m not too tickled about E.L. James’ Trilogy. i feel like a fraud for even doing a review because i haven’t even finished reading the first book. but i honestly could not go through the remaining pages anymore.

how this thing broke harry potter’s record on first week sales, i’d never guess.. was there a massive shortage of loo rolls that day? harsh i know but i just can’t wrap my head around this thing..

touted as darkly erotic by most reviews, i was kinda expecting something a little better written, or at least better researched.. and if not that, i was kinda hoping that it at least had a gripping plot or a more “twisted” lead role. a little depth in its character.. sadly it just disappoints.

i understand that the trilogy was once a twilight fanfiction and let me tell you right now, it does not deserve a status upgrade from a fanfiction to a novel.

i’ve always had the idea that fan fictions were written by obsessed pimply teenagers who had nothing better to do on a friday night.. and a saturday night.. and every day of the week too. i should know. i was once that obsessed pimply teenager who had nothing better to do on a friday night but lurk at and delude myself a writer. but hey, if E.L. James can do it, hell i might as well break open the vault and try to find Sensuous Summers a publisher. well i would if i uhh, actually wrote a Draco Malfoy – Ginny Weasley 25oo++ page fanfiction with the aforementioned title, which i,  uhh, so totally did not! *blushes*

again i digress. my point is, i have never hidden the fact that i am an obsessed bookworm and my genre range is quite extensive and i use the word extensive very very mildly (have i mentioned the now 19-gig folder full of fictions in ebook format that is my mini virtual library?) and i’ve also never hidden the fact that my favorite genre is romance novels of the harlequin variety and i have a separate folder full of romance novels. i even once fancy myself a romance writer enough to actually take the workshop and sign with a publisher (i hope my editor does not read this. she’ll kill me for being MIA for yearsss!) with the romance writer delusion that i had for a while, i even sojourned into the more racy variety dealing with the secret world of erotic literature  relying heavily on BDSM. i’ve seen a lot of well written ones too. however, call me a prude all you want but i don’t think i will ever get the pull of BDSM eroticism.

having established my cred on the subject, i really found Fifty Shades bland compared to some o’ the erotic romances i’ve devoured. i would’ve understood if Ms. E.L. James is a pimply fifteen year old with a naughty imagination but for a fifty year old? oh please. judging the content of Ms. E.L. James’ offering i would doubt very much if she has actually ventured into the BDSM world.  remember what my romance writing coach told us the very first day: if you are a virgin, do not even attempt to write a sex scene. it will show your inexperience and your readers will see you as the little fraud that you are. and i guess that’s what i would pretty much say to Ms. James.

another thing wrong about the book is the Character of Christian Grey (the “hero”)  E.L. James wanted so much to show him as darkly twisted and scarred emotionally, but she doesn’t want to paint him in so bad a light and the character turns out half baked. i think Ms. E.L. James is confused as to how she wants to portray the character. does she want him to be the knight-in-shining-armour-hero portrayed in so many formulaic romance novels or does she want him darkly dangerous and twisted ala Marquis de Sade? it was so obvious that she wanted a hybrid or a mix between the two extremes (a la edward cullen perhaps?), and to be quite honest, a more skilled author wouldve done a fantastic job. sadly Ms. James  is not one yet.

also, i dont think Ms. James had a target reader at all. i’m confused as to who her target readers are. the writing skill employed here is sufficient for that of a young adult novel with all that mushiness and whatnot, sadly, the content of her novels (BDSM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD) is not an appropriate reading material for young adults. and if she was targeting the erotica readers, lemme tell you, the book is too tame and too boring for them. the author can’t even say penis or vagina just like a convent prude. she might as well have called it fifty shades of brown. the vanilla romance readers.. well maybe but a few percentage of them would want to read this. i mean, romance readers escape to romance because they so want the romance and it’s just lacking in that department. most of them want the knight-in-shining-armour-squeaky-clean HERO!

yea. i have issues against the book. sue me.

yet, having crapped all over the book. there are very few things i wouldn’t give just to see Ryan Gosling play the dominant Christian Grey.

Text-To-Speech on the iPad

I am an avid user of my kindke3’s text to speech function. It is one of the main reason that i bought the kindle3. Before committing to the kindle, i was really torn between the nook and the kindle. Kindle’s text-to-speech function won over the nook’s expandable memory.
I use the text-to-speech function all the time to read me my ebooks while driving or merely travelling. I send personal documents to my kindle email address and i use the text-to-speech function to listen rather than read. This is especially helpful when i am studying and need to memorize bucketloads of law provisions. I just find it a lot easier to Memorize stuff when i hear it rather than merely reading it.

I am also guilty of using the function to lull me to sleep. I use it all the time that i barely listen to music nowadays. It helps that the kindle’s text-to-speech voice, especially the male vsion, is very human sounding and not that robotic.

So it surprised me that the iPad has a text-to-speech function! More Ellaisms here

Still on books and Ondoy

i realized that i have had a lot of posts about my kindle.

it is still amazing to me how this little gadget has changed my life completely but not my reading habits.

i want to share my story on how i became an e-book convert. but first, let me give you a little background on my book affair.
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On Physical Books.

i have mentioned quite a few times already that i am completely attached to my kindle, so much so that i have embraced digital books completely.

day after christmas, the dreaded happened. the LCD screen of my kindle3 broke. and since it is out of warranty already, i have no choice but to buy a new one. i’m waiting to have my credit card cleared so that i can get myself a new one.
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November is Reading Month

Last November 2, 2011, Education Secretary Armin Luistro, otherwise known to La Sallians as Bro. Armin, declared November as Reading month and November 25, 2011 as “Araw Ng Pagbabasa” or “Day of Reading.”

There are other activities and programs that encourage and promote reading for the youth such as a proposed 15-20 minutes a day for the entire month where everything is dropped to be able to read a few pages.

There are other fun activities and you can read about it through the Official Gazette or you can find the link HERE.

Being a self-confessed bookworm myself, (hello kindle love!) i find this such a marvelous idea! with my kindle, i find myself having access to all these classic books that I’ve always wanted to read but never found the time to do so.

I would like to join in the Reading Month with my own way. I will challenge myself to read at least 3 classic books for the month of November, as mentioned in my Steve Jobs Biography blogpost.

I’ve already pre-selected the books to read:

1. Gone with the Wind

2. Pride and Prejudice

3. The Scarlet Letter

I hope you can join me in this challenge! Come on, you know you want to pick up that book and get lost in the author’s alternate world!

even if you don’t have a kindle or an ebook reader, you can still access those free classic e-books through Project Gutenberg or by simply clicking the link HERE. 

So there’s no excuse! Let’s all read!

You know you want to… Reading is sexy!

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