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On Sassy Water Diet

so part of my new year’s resolution is to lose weight and since then, i have been steadily gaining weight. my excuse is that i’ve been busy with the review that i have a license to eat!

lately tho, i have been thinking of ways to lose weight that i’d start doing this november. i know what you’ll say. just stop eating, or cut back. boy, easier said than done could not be more true.

i came across this “Sassy Water” which is actually an integral part of the Flat Belly Diet.
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Grubfest:Slice of Life

My friends and I scheduled to have a catch-up dinner for tonight at Slice (a slice of life in every bite). I was quite keen to go partly because my I haven’t seen these people for some time, and partly because I’ve been curious about the cafe. More Ellaisms here

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