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of the so-called “brotherhood” again

a few months back, i blogged about the death of Marvin Reglos, the neophyte of a greek fraternity in San Beda who died due to hazing during one of their initiation rites. allegedly. The news of Marvin Reglos’ death came the very same day the case of Lenny Villa, another hazing victim, was brought to justice, 20 years after Lenny Villa’s death. if that isn’t ironic enough, another Bedan law student died due to hazing just a few months after Marvin’s death.
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Marvin Reglos Legal Team

Just got this offf of BBM:
All Bedans,
Marvin Reglos Legal team is inviting lawyers and law students, pro Bono
Please get in touch with PANGILINAN LAW FIRM
2nd Floor , Raha Sulayman bldg
Benavidez st. Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Please text:

Of Greeks and Brotherhood

i never had the inclination to go greek. i already am a Goddess in my own right. why go greek?


When I was in gradeschool, during one flag ceremony the “cooler kids” in highschool went up on stage in between the singing of the national anthem and the reciting of the panatang makabayan and publicly announced that they used to be in a fraternity/sorority (kinda like a “hi, my name is jane doe and i’m an alcoholic” type thing) and told us all that we shouldn’t join one. i didn’t even have a clue what a fraternity or a sorority meant. More Ellaisms here

iPad App Review: GoodReader for iPad

i realized i keep on saying how much i love my iPad, and its usefulness for me as a lawstudent, a blogger, a bookworm, and just your average geek. lol!

i found out about this app when my classmate (crush) recommended it to me. we have the same model of iPad. i believe that the (future)couple that geeks together stays forever. we even have the same mac laptop. i also believe that the couple that macs together stays forever! haha!

i am reviewing this app in my capacity as a law student. this can also be useful for students in general who have saved documents they need or want to access in class.
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