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Barcelona Bound!

Years ago, when everything between us was lovely and beautiful,

you promised to take me to Spain one day.

it was one of many many other promises you made.

a promise you repeated last year.

2013 came and went

and nothing.

i gave you an ultimatum

i told you, in 2014, i’m going to Barcelona, with or without you

to which you derisively replied

“you wish!”

well, i guess joke’s on you.

cuz i’m Barcelona bound, baby!

and you can kiss my behind, all from thousands of miles up in the air, in my first-class seats!


On Melissa Bachman

I just think this Melissa Bachman is a sad and sorry excuse for a human being.

she should be stalked and hunted down with a gun, just like she did with the king of the jungle.


she thinks that hunting down a lion and killing it is the coolest, awesomest thing to do. well, a whole bunch of netizens have a different view on that, including this one, who thinks killing a lion is the most cowardly thing you can do.


ugh. the more I look at her picture with the poor lion, the more I want to see her killed, or in jail, or both. can somebody please call PAWS or PETA or PAL, or just anybody who would punish this sorry pathetic excuse for a human being.

Jetsetter: 37 Hours from Laguna, PH to Karlskrona, SE

For the past few blogs, I have talked about my travel plans to Sweden as a foreign student.

My typing this post from my room here in Sverige (Sweden) still feels surreal to me as I never thought I’d actually make it to Sweden in one piece.

I previously talked about how I got hold of my student visa and resident permit, which is one and the same. 3-weeks after my visit to the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok, I picked up my resident permit from the Royal Swedish Consulate General in Makati, Philippines. After that you’d think buying tickets online were easy. boy, was i wrong! but more on that next time.

So, my visa starts from August 2 onwards, but i wasn’t needed in school until the 27th of August, So i picked a number between that. I decided to fly to Sweden on the 20th of August for no particular reason other than it was a pretty number.

little did I know, it was the worst day to pick to go to the airport because of the weather. The weather started being horrible on Saturday, August 17, and on its 3rd day, Monday Morning, (August 19) almost the whole of Metro Manila was nearly submerged in water, its nearby areas declaring states of calamity already as most houses were deep in water already. our area, San Pedro Laguna, was one of the areas declared to be in a state of calamity. we were lucky that the water did not reach the inside of our home, but the outside of our garage was knee deep! we were afraid that our cars would be submerged but luckily the flood did not reach the inside of our garage. Monday afternoon, the flood subsided already and i was able to breathe a little better because i foolishly said to myself that since the water was already subsiding, the streets would be clear by the next morning. But when evening came, it started pouring heavily again and it was no surprise that the flood was even higher the next day. our area was not flooded again though, which was a small mercy.


So my mom and I decided to leave for the airport earlier than usual to make sure that I don’t miss my flight. However, due to the severe flooding in manila at the time, we were stuck in traffic with my chances of getting in the airport on wheels bleak. it would normally take me about 30 minutes to go to the airport from my place but due to the flood, it took me about 6 hours to get to the airport. luckily there were a couple of really nice guys from DSWD (department of Social Welfare and Development) who were driving this huge ass truck and were nice enough to let us hitch a ride all the way to the airport, but since they were in a cargo truck, they couldn’t really drop us off in the arrivals section of the airport as they were not allowed, so they dropped me, my mom and my luggages at the gate of the airport, and instead of hoofing it all the way to the airport, we rented a cab for 2 minutes and the cabbie charged as 300% of what he normally charges because of the “weather”. meh, you win some, you lose some. at this point i was just relieved to be finally at the airport.



I arrived at the airport just in time for my check-in counter to open and about 3 hours early for my 6pm flight. my check-in luggage went in with no problem at all, but i had a little bit of an incident with my carry-on as it was 9 kilos heavier than the prescribed 7-kilos. luckily i was able to talk my way into it. airport officers are more forgiving if what you have in your carry-on are gadgets, and as i had a multitude of gadgets with me including a laptop, 2 tablets, a kindle, and several cameras and cellphones (did i mention i am deathly afraid to be bored in-flight?) they were a little compelled to let me through. i was in a rock and a hard place since i need those gadgets as i explained to them that i am a student-slash-blogger-slash-writer (if only i’m any successful at the photography and writing part, that would be perfect!) and it’s against their policy to check-in delicate gadgets, i’m left to the task of lugging these things across borders while they look the other way. it helps that my carry-on is up to the allowable size for carry-ons and i don’t really have any liquids with me so the only rule i was breaking was the weight allowance and as it was justified, they were happy to look the other way.

after going through immigration, i happily parked myself in one of the lounges on the 2nd floor of NAIA terminal 1 til about 30 minutes before my flight leaves. but as i got there we were told that our flight has been delayed for an hour and a half due to the weather, but other than that  it was a smooth 8-hour plane ride to dubai.

after the 8 hour plane ride, and at this point i was already traveling for about 18 hours straight i wasn’t even halfway done and i had another 9-hour wait before my next flight leaves. but the airport in Dubai is nice, it’s one of the reasons why i chose to have a layover in Dubai in the first place. I enjoyed my 5-hour stopover in dubai airport two years ago. so a 9-hour wait wasn’t as daunting to me as it sounds. i may be one of the weird ones but i like people watching in airports and i do actually enjoy my stay in airports so i really don’t mind the long wait. Plus, about 98% percent of the staff in Dubai airport are filipinos so i felt right at home! XD if the shops and the sights tire me out, hey, i still have a multitude of gadgets to entertain me so i’m covered.

Then it was time to board my flight to Copenhagen. it was a 6-7hour flight to copenhagen and it was a relatively smooth flight, not to mention i was sitting beside this really cute danish guy so i was a happy camper during the 6 hours of flight. i might’ve been asleep for about 5 of the 6 hours, but hey, i was still asleep beside the cute danish guy. hehehe. i did not have any problems going through Copenhagen Immigration as my student’s resident permit answered all the questions the immigration officer might have had for me, so off i went to retrieve my giant pink luggage from the baggage claim, and i did not have a hard time spotting the monstrous pink thing through the carousel. i had a harder time hauling it off to my luggage cart tho.

after retrieving my bag and landing you’d think my harrowing journey and this blog post as well would be over but you’d be wrong. i learned that the hard way. with my luggage in tow, off i went to purchase my train ticket. yep, on top of all that, i had to take a 3.5-hour train ride to Karlskrona. luckily though, as i was purchasing my ticket, my train was approaching the platform so i had to run a good mile to catch my train or purchase another one. i was able to make it just in time though and my aunt, uncle and cousin was waiting for me in karlskrona. i arrived after about 37 hours of travel time and i had the best time of it. all things considered i had very little to complain about and i’m just as happy as can be all that’s over and i can finally lie down.

So alls well that ends well. at the end of that harrowing journey, i got myself a birkin bag, so all that was worth it!  more worth it than the time i had to take 400plus stair steps in Poland, but hey, that’s another story.

and this ends my long journey to Sweden, and this long blogpost as well. i hope you didn’t fall asleep through all that, and i’ll try to update you with my life as a foreign student, if only i can find the time with all the schoolwork and travelingi do these days… XD

On the Manila Production of the Phantom of the Opera

I have been looking forward to watching this live ever since i heard that they’d be playing in manila. (and even before that too! it’s part of my long list of ‘to see’ in broadway when i finally visit newyork! ) as mentioned, i am a big Phan! 🙂 i first watched it when i was in gradeschool and the highschool batch made an amateur production. I read the novel when i was in highschool (and saw another amateur production) and i watched the movie when it came out in 2004. I have a copy of the movie and have played it over and over and over… I even have an entire playlist dedicated to the songs. 🙂 (i can debate on whose version of music of the night is better between gerard butler, david cook or josh groban, and i could argue all sides of the coin too!)

I just got home from CCP,and all i can say is that i enjoyed the manila production of the phantom of the opera—with one slight hiccup, but more on that later.

I loved the London Cast! They were, in a word– world-class! (okay, two words, but hey, the hyphen makes it one! Haha)

The acting was exceptional, the choreography was perfect to a T, the stage and props were acceptable. I say acceptable because i wasnt really wow-ed by it. To be honest i was expecting more bells and whistles, but the acting was riveting enough that this oversight was forgettable. It wasnt the hiccup i mentioned, and to be honest, i can just imagine how nightmare-ish shipping all those props were, as it is.

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On Jollibee Delivery.

Prior to today, I loved having my food delivered from jollibee. It’s fast, efficient, and the riders are always oh so courteous. I also loved that they have a 30-minute delivery timeframe, or they’d give you a 200peso gift certificate that you can use on your next delivery. Cool huh?
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of the so-called “brotherhood” again

a few months back, i blogged about the death of Marvin Reglos, the neophyte of a greek fraternity in San Beda who died due to hazing during one of their initiation rites. allegedly. The news of Marvin Reglos’ death came the very same day the case of Lenny Villa, another hazing victim, was brought to justice, 20 years after Lenny Villa’s death. if that isn’t ironic enough, another Bedan law student died due to hazing just a few months after Marvin’s death.
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BookLust: Fifty Shades Trilogy

to be quite honest, i’m not too tickled about E.L. James’ Trilogy. i feel like a fraud for even doing a review because i haven’t even finished reading the first book. but i honestly could not go through the remaining pages anymore.

how this thing broke harry potter’s record on first week sales, i’d never guess.. was there a massive shortage of loo rolls that day? harsh i know but i just can’t wrap my head around this thing..

touted as darkly erotic by most reviews, i was kinda expecting something a little better written, or at least better researched.. and if not that, i was kinda hoping that it at least had a gripping plot or a more “twisted” lead role. a little depth in its character.. sadly it just disappoints.

i understand that the trilogy was once a twilight fanfiction and let me tell you right now, it does not deserve a status upgrade from a fanfiction to a novel.

i’ve always had the idea that fan fictions were written by obsessed pimply teenagers who had nothing better to do on a friday night.. and a saturday night.. and every day of the week too. i should know. i was once that obsessed pimply teenager who had nothing better to do on a friday night but lurk at and delude myself a writer. but hey, if E.L. James can do it, hell i might as well break open the vault and try to find Sensuous Summers a publisher. well i would if i uhh, actually wrote a Draco Malfoy – Ginny Weasley 25oo++ page fanfiction with the aforementioned title, which i,  uhh, so totally did not! *blushes*

again i digress. my point is, i have never hidden the fact that i am an obsessed bookworm and my genre range is quite extensive and i use the word extensive very very mildly (have i mentioned the now 19-gig folder full of fictions in ebook format that is my mini virtual library?) and i’ve also never hidden the fact that my favorite genre is romance novels of the harlequin variety and i have a separate folder full of romance novels. i even once fancy myself a romance writer enough to actually take the workshop and sign with a publisher (i hope my editor does not read this. she’ll kill me for being MIA for yearsss!) with the romance writer delusion that i had for a while, i even sojourned into the more racy variety dealing with the secret world of erotic literature  relying heavily on BDSM. i’ve seen a lot of well written ones too. however, call me a prude all you want but i don’t think i will ever get the pull of BDSM eroticism.

having established my cred on the subject, i really found Fifty Shades bland compared to some o’ the erotic romances i’ve devoured. i would’ve understood if Ms. E.L. James is a pimply fifteen year old with a naughty imagination but for a fifty year old? oh please. judging the content of Ms. E.L. James’ offering i would doubt very much if she has actually ventured into the BDSM world.  remember what my romance writing coach told us the very first day: if you are a virgin, do not even attempt to write a sex scene. it will show your inexperience and your readers will see you as the little fraud that you are. and i guess that’s what i would pretty much say to Ms. James.

another thing wrong about the book is the Character of Christian Grey (the “hero”)  E.L. James wanted so much to show him as darkly twisted and scarred emotionally, but she doesn’t want to paint him in so bad a light and the character turns out half baked. i think Ms. E.L. James is confused as to how she wants to portray the character. does she want him to be the knight-in-shining-armour-hero portrayed in so many formulaic romance novels or does she want him darkly dangerous and twisted ala Marquis de Sade? it was so obvious that she wanted a hybrid or a mix between the two extremes (a la edward cullen perhaps?), and to be quite honest, a more skilled author wouldve done a fantastic job. sadly Ms. James  is not one yet.

also, i dont think Ms. James had a target reader at all. i’m confused as to who her target readers are. the writing skill employed here is sufficient for that of a young adult novel with all that mushiness and whatnot, sadly, the content of her novels (BDSM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD) is not an appropriate reading material for young adults. and if she was targeting the erotica readers, lemme tell you, the book is too tame and too boring for them. the author can’t even say penis or vagina just like a convent prude. she might as well have called it fifty shades of brown. the vanilla romance readers.. well maybe but a few percentage of them would want to read this. i mean, romance readers escape to romance because they so want the romance and it’s just lacking in that department. most of them want the knight-in-shining-armour-squeaky-clean HERO!

yea. i have issues against the book. sue me.

yet, having crapped all over the book. there are very few things i wouldn’t give just to see Ryan Gosling play the dominant Christian Grey.

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