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Jetsetter: How Much Have You Seen of Your Own Country?

i have always loved seeing other countries and soaking up their culture, but i’m ashamed to say that i haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to my own country! to be fair, The Philippines is an archipelago comprised of some 7,100++ islands depending on whether it’s high tide or low tide.

I was surfing around when i stumbled across this site that grades you based on the places you’ve visited in the philippines, and i scored a disgusting C! I’ve never been a C-student and i don’t wanna start now!

This gave me the motivation to start seeing more of my own country.

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

but you know that i am gearing to move to Sweden for academic purposes and my flight’s in less than 12 hours—EEEP!

I vow to see more of my country when i return in a year or so. who wants to join me? grab your coolers and your mixtapes coz it’s gonna be a roadtrip!



GadgetLust Appeased… For Now.

I meant to update you guys sooner but i’ve been too busy with (drum roll please!) THE BAR REVIEW! yea! i finally graduated from law school!!!

okay, so now on to the bigger update..

remember in my Wishlist post, i said i wanted to get a few things? well, i’ve accomplished some of the bigger things in there… (nope, not the santorini trip.. but how i wish! haha)
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Wishlist: Paulo Cuelho Moments Day Planner

Okay, so i cheated a little. There is one more thing i want this christmas aside from the ones i mentioned in my
Christmas+birthday wishlist

it’s the Paulo Cuelho Moments day planner.

this planner is priced at around 500pesos in powerbooks but if you buy it bundled with the new book Aleph (priced at 545) you can get it for 900 plus, so you save a little.

i fell in love with it the moment i saw it on powerbooks last week and i’ve been itching to buy one eversince! the only thing that held me back was the lesson i learned from last year.

last year i had not one, not two, ot even three but four planners! can you imagine that?! seriously!

i received four planners last year as gifts! maybe well-meaning friends and family think i mismange my time too much!! lol!

last year, i had the belle de jour planner(thanks roommie!) the starbucks planner(thanks gems!), “this planner will change your life” (i bought this one myself), and the travel planner (thanks auntie! and thanks for the eurotrip!! lol) from the same makers of the belle de jour planner. and it became so chaotic updating all of it, i still ended up using the calendar in my iphone! lol

the year before that, i had 2 planners (i think). the belle de jour one and the starbucks planner.

(taken off of google images)

but i’ve always been a planner person. back in college i was that girl whose planner was literally bulging with post-its, receipts, and whatnot. i guess that’s why friends and family always give me planners. i’m rarely seen without one.

but with excellent planner apps in the appstore (such as bento which i adore) i was kinda psyching myself to go all digital this year (i dont think i can tho.) and seeing the Paulo Cuelho planner, all that went out the window! i dont think i will be able to stop using physical planners despite the fact that i embraced digital books (ebooks) and digital music and movies wholeheartedly!

the Paulo Cuelho Planner wth its fantastic images and quotes from various Cuelho books is just too good to pass up! i want one! (and maybe the belle de jour planner and the “this journal will actually change your life” planner)

i hope Santa or a kind-hearted friend or family member will put this planner in my stockings this christmas! lol

are you a planner person? or are your loved ones planner people? this is a great stocking stuffer!!

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