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On the Manila Production of the Phantom of the Opera

I have been looking forward to watching this live ever since i heard that they’d be playing in manila. (and even before that too! it’s part of my long list of ‘to see’ in broadway when i finally visit newyork! ) as mentioned, i am a big Phan! 🙂 i first watched it when i was in gradeschool and the highschool batch made an amateur production. I read the novel when i was in highschool (and saw another amateur production) and i watched the movie when it came out in 2004. I have a copy of the movie and have played it over and over and over… I even have an entire playlist dedicated to the songs. 🙂 (i can debate on whose version of music of the night is better between gerard butler, david cook or josh groban, and i could argue all sides of the coin too!)

I just got home from CCP,and all i can say is that i enjoyed the manila production of the phantom of the opera—with one slight hiccup, but more on that later.

I loved the London Cast! They were, in a word– world-class! (okay, two words, but hey, the hyphen makes it one! Haha)

The acting was exceptional, the choreography was perfect to a T, the stage and props were acceptable. I say acceptable because i wasnt really wow-ed by it. To be honest i was expecting more bells and whistles, but the acting was riveting enough that this oversight was forgettable. It wasnt the hiccup i mentioned, and to be honest, i can just imagine how nightmare-ish shipping all those props were, as it is.

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iPhone App Review: Pic Stitch

I’m really not the biggest photographer there is, it’s too bad that i dont have the fabled “eye” fr ohotography, but i sure want to learn.

So i dont have an SLR (yet) but i do take the occasional picture and most of the time i only have my iPhone 3gs with me. Sure it doesnt have the greatest camera phone resolution, it doesnt even have flash! But it’s what i’ve got and it’s what i use.

Not having the greatest camera resolution and in the process of acquiring prize-worthy camera skills do not stop me from taking amazing instagram-worthy pictures.

Enter Pic Stitch

Tis a photo-editing app that may be used for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
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Artist Spotlight: Noel Cruz

Noel Cruz is a Filipino artist born in the Philippines and is now residing in California. I came across his artwork in 9gag (of all places!) and i was blown away by his artistry!
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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 07

Day 07 – A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.


this is a photo of my Swedish Uncle, Ulf Nejbo.

i wouldnt say he has the biggest impact on me, but his impact is a pretty big one nonetheless.

he became my uncle when he married my most favorite maternal aunt more than 10 years ago. their whirlwind romance is a story i wish to do justice and and tell you all one day.

i think i was about 13 or 14 when i first met him and at the time i was such a rowdy and rebellious pre-teen with more issues than vogue! lol! he helped me a lot in more ways than i could count. he’s the one i look up to when it comes to sound advice. i don’t know. his western take on things is a refreshing change from the very conservative filipino upbringing i’ve been used to.

my Uncle Ulf is also my most favorite artist in the entire world! he’s a graphic designer who works in this really awesome toy and novelty company, but he is also a cartoonist, a painter, a poet, a sculptor and basically an artistic jack of all trades! lol

he also has a big musical influence on me, and we are partners in crime when it comes to movies and gadgets. he’s the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of Steve Jobs! (and finances it most of the time!)



I love the sunrise! It symbolizes new beginnings but ive never been actually up thatearly to capture it on canvass so myinterpretation of sunrise looks very much like the sun is setting.

This is the first time i’ve drawn anything in years and i want to share it up here.

Howdy like it?



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