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Packing List: Barcelona

Last weekend, i made a mini-eurotrip and visited 4 cities in 6 days.


and you know me. every trip i make, i always make sure to create a packing list for it. here is my 6-day packing list:


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On Generosity

You know the saying if you give something away, it will be returned to you tenfold?

i have just experienced what it means, on a shallow level maybe, but the girly fashionista in me is jumping for joy nonetheless.

as you have known from my prior posts, i have been meticulously weeding out my closet and my possessions for my 1-year stint as a foreign student. It broke my heart to leave most of my possessions behind, especially my most loved bags, but it has to be done.

about two weeks before my flight and big move, My grandma gifted me this Chanel Caviar Double Flap bag in medium, something that i have been wanting for a while now, and as part of my “going away gifts” she gave me the bag that i have been wanting. it broke my heart the most to come to the decision to leave it behind because  It simply is not practical to take it with me. it is way to bulky to be packed, and with the metal chains on its handle, it is too heavy as well, and i only have a limited amount of baggage allowance. i tried really hard to talk myself into bringing it, but for the first time, i lost. i simply could not justify bringing it with me. So instead of letting it gather dust in its dustbag in my room, i told my grandma that since i will be leaving it behind she can use it while i’m gone. (i don’t trust that my mother or my cousin will return it to me after 1 year so refused to lend it to them. hehehe)

so off to Sweden i went Chanel-less and feeling desolate and destitute with only my LV Speedy and NeverFull to keep me company. oh poor me! when I got here in Sweden, my aunt handed down several items that i could use/have while i was here and among them was–wait for it— a barely used black Hermes Birkin just begging to be loved! I literally died and went to baghag heaven!!

The way I see it, because i was so generous with my brand new Chanel Caviar Double Flap, the deity of bags decided to reward me with the Birkin!


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