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On the Manila Production of the Phantom of the Opera

I have been looking forward to watching this live ever since i heard that they’d be playing in manila. (and even before that too! it’s part of my long list of ‘to see’ in broadway when i finally visit newyork! ) as mentioned, i am a big Phan! 🙂 i first watched it when i was in gradeschool and the highschool batch made an amateur production. I read the novel when i was in highschool (and saw another amateur production) and i watched the movie when it came out in 2004. I have a copy of the movie and have played it over and over and over… I even have an entire playlist dedicated to the songs. 🙂 (i can debate on whose version of music of the night is better between gerard butler, david cook or josh groban, and i could argue all sides of the coin too!)

I just got home from CCP,and all i can say is that i enjoyed the manila production of the phantom of the opera—with one slight hiccup, but more on that later.

I loved the London Cast! They were, in a word– world-class! (okay, two words, but hey, the hyphen makes it one! Haha)

The acting was exceptional, the choreography was perfect to a T, the stage and props were acceptable. I say acceptable because i wasnt really wow-ed by it. To be honest i was expecting more bells and whistles, but the acting was riveting enough that this oversight was forgettable. It wasnt the hiccup i mentioned, and to be honest, i can just imagine how nightmare-ish shipping all those props were, as it is.

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BagRaid: Opera Edition!

As mentioned in my previous post, i’ve always wanted to do the wildly popular “what’s in your bag” blog post, but for reasons previously mentioned, i am not able to do so until i have stumbled across polyvore.

and because i am so excited to meet the Phantom on wednesday, my bag has been packed and my electricals charged and ready to go since the weekend! (yes, i am obsessive that way). i cannot contain my excitement, so i decided to make a what’s in your bag post. XD

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