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On Flying to Paris and Amsterdam for Free

Okay, not really.


we paid for a roundtrip ticket to Barcelona, and it just so happened that we had stopovers in both Amsterdam and Paris.


I have dreamt of flying to Barcelona for years now, ever since I found out that my Eurotrip itinerary in 2011 did not include a stop in Spain.

Early this year, my friend and I decided to go to Barcelona, and i was psyched! Finally, i was going to Barcelona! so we scoured the internet for cheap flights and the cheapest direct flight we found was at least 200 Danish Krona more expensive than one with stopovers. And because my friend and i are cheapskates, we opted to take the cheaper alternative and in the process, not only did we save 200 krona, we were also able to visit Amsterdam and Paris! The way I see it, we flew to Paris and Amsterdam for free, and even got paid 200 Krona in the process! haha! that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!



Barcelona Bound!

Years ago, when everything between us was lovely and beautiful,

you promised to take me to Spain one day.

it was one of many many other promises you made.

a promise you repeated last year.

2013 came and went

and nothing.

i gave you an ultimatum

i told you, in 2014, i’m going to Barcelona, with or without you

to which you derisively replied

“you wish!”

well, i guess joke’s on you.

cuz i’m Barcelona bound, baby!

and you can kiss my behind, all from thousands of miles up in the air, in my first-class seats!

Jetsetter: Airplane Kit

My Mom and Aunts started me early on the travelling bit. I was barely a year old when they first took me on a 10-hour roadtrip.

I was almost 3 years old when I first rode the plane out of the country.

I was 11 when I first travelled by plane solo (to visit my aunt).

Needless to say, the travel bug bit me really badly and I have not gotten it out of my system.

I do not claim to be a travel pro, but over the years of traveling I’ve picked up a few tricks here and there. I’ve also fallen prey to a lot of packing and travel mishaps that I know exactly what not to do when travelling, but hey that’s an entire blog post altogether.

Right now, let’s talk about the airplane essentials.

I’ve already covered the basic travel outfit/s for short or long haul flights, so let me share with you what I absolutely cannot live without inside the airplane.

These are not the carry-on must haves which I will probably cover in another blogpost.

This list is for when you’re already seated in the plane with your carry-on trolley in the overhead compartment and/or your handbag under your seat. and I like to put these things in a clear pouch. As you know, I love making packing lists!

Normally, before I settle in, i make googly eyes at the cute steward or hunky fellow passenger (whichever strikes my fancy) to help me carry the trolley bag atop the overhead compartment. I thank him with a coy littlle smile afterwards. and then I take my iPad and clear pouch off my hand bag and then I make sure my hand bag is under my seat. This is if I don’t need or want to change into my in-flight “uniforrm.” Otherwise, I change into my “uniform” right after i get the trolley settled in the overhead compartment. (For short flights, I don’t really change.)

anyway, these are the contents of my “clear pouch.” Enjoy! Read more…

Jetsetter: Flight Outfit

when i travel, i try to look at least semi-presentable while being comfy as well. a fellow traveller (my aunt) once told me that the secret is to wear your most stylish jammies. well i don’t have that! haha

another secret is to wear layers that you can easily peel off, or put on depending on the temperature.

i have crafted a “flight uniform” that i wear every time i fly. it involves some in-flight wardrobe change, but i’ve done it so many times to know that it’s not much of a hassle as you would think. the trick is to use the airplane bathroom the earliest opportunity you get.

and you’re probably reading this right now because you need flight outfit tips too.

so here goes

my travel "uniform"

my travel “uniform”

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Reel Time: Taken

I had the opportunity to watch this movie today and allni can say is whoa!

April of last year, my cousin and I were given the opportunity to tour around europe but that almost didn’t happen.
2 days before we were scheduled to fly, my crazy cousin watched the movie Taken with her mom. Within the first five minutes of the movie, my aunt seriously considered not letting us go, regardless of the face that we were all packed and booked!

Seventeen year-old Kim is the pride and joy of her father Bryan Mills. Bryan is a retired agent who left the Central Intelligence Agency to be near Kim in California. Kim lives with her mother Lenore and her wealthy stepfather Stuart. Kim manages to convince her reluctant father to allow her to travel to Paris with her friend Amanda. When the girls arrive in Paris they share a cab with a stranger named Peter, and Amanda lets it slip that they are alone in Paris. Using this information an Albanian gang of human traffickers kidnaps the girls. Kim barely has time to call her father and give him information. Her father gets to speak briefly to one of the kidnappers and he promises to kill the kidnappers if they do not let his daughter go free. The kidnapper wishes him “good luck,” so Bryan Mills travels to Paris to search for his daughter and her friend. –

I think the makers of the movie were those guys who were not allowed by their parents to backpack around europe and was scarred for life! Haha! Seriously tho.. The movie speaks of 2 teenage girls who decided to travel to europe (it is a sort f “rite of passage” among teens in america) and ended up in the clutches of a bad gang who is in the white slavery and drug trade because of their stupidity. And the worst thing is, the father of one of e girls had to endure hearing the abduction of his daughter More Ellaisms here

Christmas+birthday Wishlist

Having a birthday so close to christmas, most of my friends and family tend to merge one gift for the two occassions, with the card stating “merry christmas and a happy birthday!” it can get crazy sometimes an i have to get creative to let them know that i dont mind getting just one gift as long as it’s the crap i want! lol

i’ve been lusting after so many gadgets this year! hopefully i get it all done by december of 2012!
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European Tour Experience

I recently went on a 16-17 day tour around europe (a little fuzzy on the days bec of the time diff) with a tour group, Pacific Bound. the travel agent/tourguide is our neighbor and we decided to join this time cuz all three of his kids will be joining the trip (so that we’d be with some of our age group. i went with my 17-y.o cousin, More Ellaisms here

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