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On 20-Minute Blogs

And an update.

I feel as if I have been neglecting this blog already, and have only been posting sporadically.

Before coming here to Sweden to study, I have envisioned myself posting so many blogs about life as an international student, and all tha, but i guess life simply has a way of screwing things for you.

don’t get me wrong. life as an international student is the best experience i’ve had so far and i would recommend it to everyone! it’s everything it’s cracked up to be! not only do you learn through the course, you learn so much more, especially about the different cultures of your fellow international students. and then there’s the parties and the socializing (and the dating!) and the travelling! oh, don’t get me started on the travelling! The thing is, i have been so busy with all the studying and the partying and the travelling that i simply do not have the time to sit down and write, which sucks!

but i’m hoping all that will change soon! (i hope!) i am forcing myself to post something at least once a week, or at least once every two weeks until the rest of my stay here in Sweden and i plan to do quick blogs that takes about 20 minutes or less to post.

my plan is to start playing a re-run of one episode from my favorite sitcoms which runs about 22 minutes or less and complete a blog post within that time.

i have bought myself a new bluetooth keyboard for iPad, which snaps seamlessly into my iPad2, and that makes it soo much easier for me to blog via Blogsy for iPad and i love it!

I have several blog topics in mind that i have yet to write and i’m kinda hoping i will get around to writing it within the coming weeks.

also, my Beats Solo headphones snapped in half about a month ago and i’m kinda bummed about that one. i need to get myself a replacement soon as i decide on a good one but it’s been hard for me to find one as the selection is very limited in the town i live in, not to mention everything is so much more expensive here than back home. luckily, my Beats Studio Pro is still intact and i’m using that until i find a good compact headphones. the Studio Pro is fantastic, but it’s just too bulky and it’s not practical to lug it all around town!

another update i’m kinda bummed about is that the security checks in European airports (at least the ones in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Paris) requires that you take out your iPads from your bag during X-ray, which sucks big time. in most airports i’ve been at before, they never ask me to take out my iPad! that’s even one of the main selling points of travelling with an iPad versus a full laptop. :/ boo.

okay. my HIMYM episode is almost done and so i must end this seemingly endless tirade!

til next week. ciao guys!



GadgetLust: Share Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab Clone)


I know what you’re thinking, I have an iPad2, a Kindle3, a MacBookPro, an iPhone 3gS, a Blackberry torch, and a Samsung S3, (among others.. I could keep going but then I’d be typing all night! I kid) so why on earth would I want a new cheapo tablet, and a clone at that?

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On fun 15-minute breaks.

I’m taking a 15-minute break from studying, and since I don’t smoke anymore, I thought of blogging via email, which is still amazing to me! I mean around 5years ago, I wouldn’t have thought it possible to send an email via my cellphone (here in the philippines at least. Smartphones just went mainstream here about 3-4years ago)

Now, with just a few taps on my ‘berry I am able to not only send an email, but post an entire blogpost complete with pictures! it truly is amazing to me. Yea. Simple pleasures like that get me high. (Or maybe it’s just my way of justifying my full-feature blackberry plan, when I could easily get a bbm-facebook-twitter plan for half the price. Lol. Of course I can use my iphone to, but I prefer tapping on keys instead of glass. Lol.
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GadgetLust Appeased… For Now.

I meant to update you guys sooner but i’ve been too busy with (drum roll please!) THE BAR REVIEW! yea! i finally graduated from law school!!!

okay, so now on to the bigger update..

remember in my Wishlist post, i said i wanted to get a few things? well, i’ve accomplished some of the bigger things in there… (nope, not the santorini trip.. but how i wish! haha)
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Text-To-Speech on the iPad

I am an avid user of my kindke3’s text to speech function. It is one of the main reason that i bought the kindle3. Before committing to the kindle, i was really torn between the nook and the kindle. Kindle’s text-to-speech function won over the nook’s expandable memory.
I use the text-to-speech function all the time to read me my ebooks while driving or merely travelling. I send personal documents to my kindle email address and i use the text-to-speech function to listen rather than read. This is especially helpful when i am studying and need to memorize bucketloads of law provisions. I just find it a lot easier to Memorize stuff when i hear it rather than merely reading it.

I am also guilty of using the function to lull me to sleep. I use it all the time that i barely listen to music nowadays. It helps that the kindle’s text-to-speech voice, especially the male vsion, is very human sounding and not that robotic.

So it surprised me that the iPad has a text-to-speech function! More Ellaisms here

Still on books and Ondoy

i realized that i have had a lot of posts about my kindle.

it is still amazing to me how this little gadget has changed my life completely but not my reading habits.

i want to share my story on how i became an e-book convert. but first, let me give you a little background on my book affair.
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Kindle Dream Upgrades

As you all know, I love my kindle 3.

I bought it over a year ago and is one of the very first ones to receive the new kindle3 last year. I even pre-ordered it and spent several sleepless weeks anticipating its arrival. And boy was it worth the wait!
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Christmas+birthday Wishlist

Having a birthday so close to christmas, most of my friends and family tend to merge one gift for the two occassions, with the card stating “merry christmas and a happy birthday!” it can get crazy sometimes an i have to get creative to let them know that i dont mind getting just one gift as long as it’s the crap i want! lol

i’ve been lusting after so many gadgets this year! hopefully i get it all done by december of 2012!
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New Gadget Lust: BB Torch

Started my crackberry love affair early 2010. (valentines of 2010, to be exact) scoring a BB curve 8520. And even tho i’ve been a mac fangirl for so long, i was not entirely sold to the iPhone’s touch screen (i am well adjusted now, owning both the pad and the phone) but i still actually prefer the physical qwerty keys.

I may have started my fling with the bb earlier than 2010, as i’ve been more than acquainted with it during my stint in hong kong as that was the fone my aunt generously supplied me with, (circa 2005, i think) but it was the old school one, with the dial at its side and honestly my thumb was sore before the day was up! Lol

Now, i have no complaints with my current serviceable bb, my bb who has served me quite loyally and faithfully since day one, even butting out of battery at the most convenient of times! Lol! But thething is, i am rough with my toys and my bb simply cannot keep up with me already! And i only use it for the average call,text, tweet and email. I still prefer to do my calendar, notes, and gaming needs with my iPhone and iPad. Now, my beloved bb is dilapidated, to say the least and i am in the market for a new one. While i am more than adjusted to the touchscreen, i do still prefer physical keys, preferably qwerty too and i will love nothing more than to own a touch + physical keys device!

Enter the blackberry torch!

Beautiful, isnt she?
The slider is a welcome change from the normal candy-bar form that i have been using for the last several years (the last time i deviated was when i owned the Nokia N97 sometime in 2006) and while it still doesnt support flash, i’m not too bothered with it as im quite used with my plethora of mac gafgets without the flash. Having a LED flash on the other hadn will be a welcome change as i have been suffering under both the curve and the iPhone 3gs’ lack of it.

Yes, im salivating heavily over it but imma wait for the new iphone before i make my decision. But it looks like imma choose the torch.

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